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5 Must-Try Matcha Breakfast Recipes to Kickstart Your Day

Team Matcha | June 18, 2017 | All, Matcha, People, Products, Teaism

How to Kickstart Your Day with Matcha!

 Matcha is the green tea craze taking over the world -- and for good reason! This special type of green tea (find out more here) packs a whole bunch of health benefits along with its smooth and tasty yet calorie-free enjoyment factor.


That’s why we’ve compiled these five recipes for what they say is the most important meal of the day: breakfast. These fun, morning matcha recipes are sure to give you a guilt-free start to the day, packed with tons of flavor and a small caffeine boost.

Matcha-Infused Latte

MatchaKari Latte

 Image: MaxPixel

 This matcha latte is something of a food fusion: combine perfectly brewed matcha tea with textured milk and a sweetener of your choice to try a unique beverage. Although most enthusiasts will encourage you to drink properly prepared matcha alone, adding milk (plant-based alternatives work too!) gives a refreshing lightness.


Combine traditionally brewed matcha (learn how here) with an equal volume of frothed -- or just warm -- milk. If you want your beverage sweetened, add your sugar/honey/whatever before the milk. Enjoy warm or chilled.

Green Matcha Waffles

MatchaKari Waffles

Image: Oh, How Civilized

 Matcha waffles are a fantastic approach to breakfast, seeing as they can add plenty of taste to an otherwise guilty treat with so few extra calories! By subbing out some of the flour in your recipe for matcha (we’d recommend somewhere between a teaspoon and a tablespoon worth of matcha per cup of flour -- depending on how strong you like it), you can convert any basic waffle recipe into a flavorsome green delicacy. Serve with ice cream for an impressive dessert.


Per cup of flour in your waffle recipe of choice, sub out between one tablespoon and one teaspoon’s worth of matcha powder. Alternatively, try this premade recipe.


Matcha Banana Bread

MatchaKari Banana Bread

Image: Fearless Dining

 Our third recipe is for a matcha banana bread. This awesome, unfamiliar combination of colors and flavors makes for a highly nutritional bread which is good enough to enjoy alone or with the fruits, nuts, jams, and syrups of your choice. The best part is that banana bread is easy to make and can use up overripe bananas, with this version using matcha for an extra green morning boost.


Get a recipe for matcha banana bread here. Otherwise, adapt any banana bread recipe of your choice by adding 2-3 tablespoons of matcha in place of dry ingredients such as flour.

Matcha Yogurt Bowl

MatchaKari Oatmeal

 Image: Ujido

 The matcha yogurt bowl is yet another exciting matcha breakfast recipe. By mixing powdered matcha into the yogurt of your choice -- we recommend Greek -- you can make the basis for a highly hipster breakfast bowl. Just throw in some fruits, nuts, and seeds and you have an easy breakfast packing a bunch of excitement, with a small portion of caffeine included.


Add just under 1 teaspoon of ground matcha to each cup of your chosen yogurt. Mix thoroughly and decorate with seasonal fruits, nuts, and seeds of choice.


Matcha Oatmeal

MatchaKari Oatmeal

Image: The Breakfast Drama Queen

 Our last -- and personally my favorite -- recipe is that of matcha oatmeal. Although plain oatmeal can often be a bore, just adding matcha does miracles. As a flavoring, it’s totally calorie-free and packs that caffeine punch we all need in the morning. Yet again, matcha’s role as a flavoring agent means this recipe is super simple.


Combine one part oats to two parts liquid (water or milk). Then, add a teaspoon of matcha per cup of oats, along with any other desired flavorings or sweeteners. Stir to combine before leaving in the fridge overnight or cooking on low for 15 minutes.


Team Matcha

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