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I Tried Matcha For 30 Days and Here's What Happened | The Health Benefits of Drinking Matcha for One Month

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Chances are you've heard of matcha powder. You know it's a form of high-quality green tea, but do you know why it's touted as one of the most nutritious, popular health beverages on the planet and a healthier alternative to coffee?

My journey from coffee to matcha | a healthier caffeine alternative & more

The surprising health benefits of drinking matcha for 30 days straight.

I've always loved the scent of a freshly brewed batch of coffee, though I've never considered myself coffee obsessed. When I first started drinking coffee in my teens during college, I would have jumbo-sized iced vanilla lattes with lots of cream and sugar. I only fully registered years later that coffee worsened my anxiety, gave me nervous energy, and disrupted my sleep.

By the time I was out of school and working in my early 20s, I went through a stint of sugar-free Redbull while working in breaking news. After a few years, I noticed my digestive system seemed off, I was generally moodier, and my skin health had suffered.

Now at 31 years old, I am an avid matcha tea drinker, though I wouldn't say it's a daily ritual for me as I like to drink and try other tea varieties.

I've done a fair amount of research, and I am clearly a big matcha and tea lover. Still, why don't I take my commitment to drinking matcha tea a step further and drink Matcha every day for 30 days, take daily reflection videos, and note how I feel?

Researchers have shown that the benefits of matcha stack up the longer and more consistently you drink it – and Matcha comes with a long list of short-term and long-term health benefits – 32 to be exact that I will touch on throughout this challenge.

Now, let's get on with it and start riding the green wave of Matcha!

Day 1 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

For the first day of my matcha 30-day challenge, I enjoyed a morning matcha around 7am. I used around ½ tsp of Matcha to prepare a matcha latte with a cup of steaming hot water and lactose-free milk.

I threw my kettle on the stove on high until it steamed, and I took a mason jar with a cup of milk and heated it up using the microwave. I then sifted my Matcha into my hot water, added in the hot milk and whisked until nice, fluffy and frothy on top.

I then added some vanilla extract and a few sprinkles of cinnamon. I always tell new matcha drinkers that less is more, so start with less matcha powder, and then you can always add more.

I noticed that while preparing my Matcha, I was very calm and did not experience any racing thoughts. I found myself to be in the present moment. After taking the first few sips of my Matcha, I felt a lovely state of relaxed alertness that lasted for about 4-6 hours. I was experiencing some writer's block on this day, and after about 30 minutes of having my Matcha, I was struck with clarity and inspiration to write.

Day 1 Matcha Mental Fitness Fact: 

Scientists have shown that Matcha really is the better, healthier energy choice over coffee. With matcha caffeine, there is no sudden loss in energy or jitters. This is because Matcha contains a compound known as l-theanine, which binds to the caffeine in Matcha, and the body processes slower – promoting relaxed alertness for 6-8 hours.


Day 2 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

So for day two, I was having a busy day. I wanted to take my Matcha on the go and get over to the gym for a workout. I was craving something sweet (like Gatorade!), so I opted to use our lemon Matcha Aid as a pre-workout. It's so good and smooth tasting – I recommend it to first-time matcha drinkers and workout enthusiasts looking for a healthier alternative to unnatural pre- and post-workout powders.

The best part? It takes 20 seconds to prepare my matcha aid! I took my shaker bottle, filled it up about 80% to the rim, then took a scissor, cut my Matcha packet, dumped in my powder, and just shook it until my Matcha was well combined and bubbled on top.

When it came to my workout, I felt focused and calm. I sometimes get nervous at the gym, so I definitely noticed feeling calm. Also, my cardio engine seemed stronger than the day before, my legs recovered faster between sprints than they usually would, and I was less out of breath. 

Even better? I burned more calories during my workout and for the rest of the day! I have a polar ignite watch to track my activities, and I registered an 18% increase in my caloric burn compared to a very similar day and work out where I had no matcha.

Day 2 Matcha Mental Fitness Fact:

Do you suffer from the winter blues? According to experts, Matcha may be beneficial for giving you peace of mind and increasing your overall happiness without causing any drowsiness.

Matcha also helps promote more balanced activity levels in your brain by offering a nutritional powerhouse of vitamins and trace minerals that can help address dietary deficiencies connected to depression. 


Day 3 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

For day 3, I was up early and out walking the dogs. The weather was cold and windy (I live in very dark, dreary Copenhagen, Denmark, in the wintertime), so I decided to take a cup of Matcha with me.

I opted for my go-to vanilla-flavored matcha latte using lactose-free milk and steamed water. I used the same method on my first day of the challenge, which took just 3 minutes altogether. 

And I must say, three days in and I am really noticing my energy level and alertness perk up within 15-20 minutes after enjoying it.  

I should also note that by day 3, I have realized I am positive for COVID the second time. Unfortunately, I haven't received my latest booster shot like my husband, so I'm a little concerned that I might get walloped.

Compared with my first COVID experience, I feel as though I am recovering faster due to my daily matcha habit! My taste buds have already returned, along with my sense of smell.

Day 3 Matcha Mental Fitness Fact:

When paired with caffeine in Matcha, l-theanine does fantastic things for the brain. Drinking matcha has been shown to help sharpen memory, improve focus, and shorten reaction and decision-making time.

This makes Matcha especially great to sip on during a hectic workday or before a big test. Its ability to provide clarity also makes it an excellent natural remedy for anxiety.


Day 4 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

On day four, I decided to have three servings of matcha during the day since I had COVID but had some work deadlines to hit. I made two iced matcha lattes as well as enjoyed a lemon matcha aid.

I had my last cup of matcha around 8pm, and had no issue as far as sleeping. 

Work wise, even with COVID, I feel as though I am running into less 'writers block', and I am more willing to just put in the time being focused on a given assignment.

I'm spending less time having an internal dialogue over all the different things going on throughout my day and am focusing more on a given task. I find matcha gives me confidence.

Day 4 Matcha Mental Fitness Fact:

Did you know that drinking matcha daily may help protect you against cognitive decline as you age? Matcha may help ward off dementia and help boost memory thanks to its high amount of polyphenols and amino acids.

Researchers in a 12-week study that sought to determine how matcha impacted cognitive function in adults over 60 found that matcha significantly improved performance on recall and memory tests.


Day 5 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

On day 5, I feel much less stress and anxious caring for Albee (my new Australian puppy). I am finding myself being more appreciative of being in the moment with the dogs and finding it to be this wonderful time spent decompressing from working on the computer.

I was also discussing with my husband that my sleep is really improving. Not only am I waking up feeling much more refreshed and ready to take on the day, but I also have been having very pleasant and enjoyable dreams since I've been drinking matcha.

I haven't been back in the gym doing any weight training, but I am not feeling long-winded on my walks with the dogs despite still having COVID. 

Day 5 Mental Fitness Fact

Sometimes the hardest part of working out is trying to convince yourself mentally. Did you know matcha may help motivate you to break a sweat and also help you get more out of your workouts?

Studies have shown matcha may help optimize your exercise routine and bring your training to a whole new level.

Matcha has been shown to not only potentially boost overall athletic performance, but also increase alertness, reaction time, improve workout stamina, rev up your caloric burn, and even shorten the recovery time between hard training sessions. 


Day 6 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

On day 6 of my challenge, I enjoyed two servings of matcha. For my first matcha I added a splash of orange juice which is very refreshing.

The real big news on day 6 is that I got my menstrual cycle. And let me tell you ⁠— usually I see it coming cause I'm quite sassy and emotional the day or two prior, but not this time!

I am experiencing little to no bloating or period cramping, which I usually have. More importantly though, my mood is overall feeling very balanced and even. 

Day 6 Mental Fitness Fact

Did you know that drinking matcha regularly may help lower anxiety due to it's high concentration of L-theanine. an amino acid that calms the stimulating effect of caffeine on the body's nervous system.

Research has shown that l-theanine in matcha may help foster a state of deep relaxation and alertness within 30 to 40 minutes of ingestion.


Day 7 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

I enjoyed a matcha latte for an afternoon pick-me-up on day seven of my #matchame challenge, using some Tenchi organic matcha. I added in some brown sugar and a bit of vanilla extract as a sweetener.

I have been finding that drinking matcha for the past week has really helped me get past periods of 'writer's block,' more quickly than I usually do. I am requiring less time to prime myself mentally before sitting down and getting my thoughts into words, which is incredibly helpful in terms of efficiency when working. Specifically, I noticed the clarity really setting in on day 7, about an hour after I enjoyed my afternoon latte.

In terms of timing, I like to enjoy my afternoon matcha lattes right before walking the dogs for a good 30-45 minutes, and then I return to my computer to work with a clear and renewed energy for a 90-120 minute period before taking a 15 minute break away from my screen to stretch my legs and let the dogs into the garden.

Day 7 Mental Fitness Fact

Interested in meditation? Matcha can support a daily meditation practice, with the natural compounds in matcha providing you focusing yet calming energy. In fact, monks from Japan have been using matcha for hundreds of years to enhance their ability to sit still and concentrate for hours at a time.


Day 8 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

Day 8 of my #matchame challenge I enjoyed a lemon-flavored matcha aid after taking my first run post-COVID, which felt AMAZING. What I love about our new matcha aid product is its so EASY.

You don't need to sift it before adding it to water. You can simply shake and enjoy. 

For me, I find that my favorite 'delivery' method is to add filtered water and ice cubes to my shaker bottle, throw in my matcha aid powder, give it a few shakes, and then sip and enjoy. I have been drinking matcha consistently for over a week now, and I am now finding myself really looking forward to my daily dose of matcha. On most days, I am usually enjoying at least 3 servings.

Day 8 Matcha Beauty Fact

If you're in your 30s like me, chances are you're already thinking, 'How can I slow down the signs of aging?' The answer might just be matcha!

The potent concentration of catechins in matcha tea makes it one of the best natural epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) sources. This is important when it comes to anti-aging because EGCG has been well-studied to help protect cells from DNA damage and deterioration over time.


Day 9 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

Day 9 of my #matchame challenge and I am starting to experiment with adding different flavors to my matcha aid. I decided to combine 6 ounces of pineaple juice with our lemon matcha aid and let me tell youDELICIOUS. I noticed it really helped alleviate some bloating I had from enjoying a lot of pasta the night before. Within an hour of enjoying my matcha my tummy felt and looked noticeably flatter in the mirror.

Day 9 Matcha Beauty Fact

Did you know that drinking matcha daily is also a way to take care of your skin from the inside out? You can also use matcha topically! The boost of antioxidants and other healthy compounds in matcha may be exactly what your skincare routine needs.

The best part? Matcha can help support and nourish all different skin types ⁠— from sensitive to acne-prone to aging skin. 


Day 10 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

Day 10 of my matcha challenge I have brought my matcha on-the-go with me on a work trip back to the US. (At the moment my home-base in Copenhagen, Denmark.) It is my secret weapon for avoiding fatigue from jet lag! It's also a good reminder for me to stay hydrated while I am traveling.

Matcha is especially helpful at beating jet lag because it provides a long lasting an energy boost that keeps you energized for 6-8 hours at a time. 

Day 10 Matcha Beauty FactI

Is my hair looking any better? Studies have shown that if you sip on matcha consistently for 90 days you may see improvements in your hair health.

Multiple studies have shown that matcha can help protect against hair loss, support healthy hair regrowth, decrease your number of split ends, prevent sebum buildup on the scalp, and may even help slow down premature gray hairs.


Day 11 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

On Day 11 of the challenge, I am definitely hitting my stride and really craving my morning matcha. It is the first thing I tend to have when I get up in the morning and often with my general multivitamin supplement. I am also taking an iron supplement, but I avoid taking that within an hour of enjoying my daily matcha. Find out why here.

Drinking Matcha doesn't have to be complicated. It can be easier than having a daily cup of coffee!

Day 12 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

On day 12, I really am starting to feel the beauty benefits of matcha from the inside out. My skin is feeling very hydrated and I haven't made any drastic changes to my skincare routine other than adding matcha to my diet. 

You can learn about the different ways matcha may be a great choice for all different skin types here.

I am also really enjoying the daily ritual of making my matcha in my dedicated matcha tea bowl.

Day 13 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

On day 13, I got to enjoy making matcha with my bestie, Diana Weil! It's always so fun to share the daily ritual of matcha with a friend. We both opt to enjoy our daily matcha as a matcha latte most of the time and usually down it within 1-2 minutes after preparing it!

Looking to enjoy the ritual of matcha with a family member or loved one? We have the most amazing complete matcha sets for two you can shop here.

Day 14 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

Two weeks into the matcha challenge and my husband has mentioned he notices a difference in my mood since I've switched over from my coffee to matcha! I was the type of person who always enjoyed an iced latte in the morning, but it often would leave me feeling more anxious and unproductive than I was before having it. Not to mention when I had coffee too late in the day it definitely impacted my sleep patterns. 

I've been able to enjoy drinking matcha morning and night throughout my challenge. This is especially great for me being I am often working in the evenings, so I do need a little extra energy boost, but also want to be able to fall asleep after easily!

I am not finding myself staying up as late staring at random things on the internet or scrolling through instagram due to having trouble sleeping.

Day 15 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

So one of the mistakes I often made over the years when preparing my matcha was boiling the water. It's a rookie mistake! When you boil your water and add your matcha powder, this can often lead to your matcha tasting bitter and even taking away some of its amazing health benefits.

During the course of my challenge I have learned to heat my water to a 'steaming' temperature. This means I wait until I begin to see steam coming from my tea kettle and then pour my hot water to my matcha powder.

Day 16 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

Now that I have been drinking matcha for over two weeks, I have become keen on learning best practices when it comes to preparing, storing, and enjoying my matcha. So much so that I decided to compile and write an article all about it!

In another article you can read here, we cover everything from the initial purchase and preparation to the eco-friendly disposal of your matcha tea tin. In this article, we've compiled a comprehensive list of best practices and potential pitfalls to help you embrace the daily tradition of savoring matcha.

I promise after you read my dos and donts article,  you'll be well-versed in the key pitfalls to steer clear of when crafting your matcha tea. Beyond avoiding these common mistakes, you'll also gain invaluable insights into essential tips for savvy matcha enthusiasts, whether it's choosing the right matcha product or maintaining your daily matcha ritual.

Day 17 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

Feeling so fantastic from drinking my daily matcha has made me curious about the ideal daily consumption limit for the green elixir.

While matcha tea is generally safe and loaded with health benefits, I learned overindulging can potentially have adverse effects, primarily attributed to its caffeine content. Excessive matcha intake can lead to discomforts like digestive issues, headaches, urinary sensitivity, irritability, and insomnia.

Fortunately, research suggests that you can steer clear of these discomforts by capping your daily matcha intake at eight grams, while still reaping all the goodness of matcha by enjoying 3 servings a day.

You can learn more about drinking too much matcha powder here.

Day 18 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

As a yoga instructor, I really enjoy drinking my matcha before teaching! After all, drinking matcha green tea before a yoga session may offer several potential benefits.

I believe the improved mind-body connection resulting from matcha consumption indirectly helps enhance my flexibility, clarity, focus, and mobility while I am teaching.

This is because matcha contains a moderate amount of caffeine, providing a natural energy boost that enhances alertness and focus without the coffee jitters. Combined with L-theanine, an amino acid found in matcha, it supports mental clarity and relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety.

Oh and did I mention the antioxidants in matcha, known as catechins, may also help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, supporting overall well-being and aiding in post-yoga recovery.

P.S.: If you are looking for a great gentle and quick yoga routine to pair with matcha to help with constipation, I have you coveredmatcha's soothing properties may help support digestion, especially when it comes to poses involving abdominal compression or twists.

Day 19 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

On day 19 of the challenge, I decided to enjoy my matcha right before teaching a yoga class. And let me tell you, my students have been giving me extra compliments since I have started my 30 day matcha challenge!

Matcha has felt like an excellent choice to have as my pre-workout booster right before I teach for several reasons. Its moderate caffeine content provides a natural energy boost that can help increase alertness and focus, essential for effective teaching. This energy lift is accompanied by L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes mental clarity and relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, which can be particularly beneficial when conveying information or leading a class.

Overall, the combination of caffeine and L-theanine in matcha seems to boost my cognitive function and emotional balance.

Day 20 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

There is no doubt in my mind, the ritual of preparing and savoring a cup of matcha in the morning is serving as a mindful and grounding start to my day, setting a positive tone for all the rest of my daily activities!

By drinking matcha in the morning, I get my natural energy boost without the abrupt crashes associated with coffee. Within twenty minutes I find myself in a state of calm, focus, fostering mental clarity and productivity. Plus I find my matcha's antioxidants in the morning help combat morning oxidative stress and inflammation, contributing to overall well-being and helping me avoid bloating as the day goes on.

Day 21 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

Three weeks into my challenge and I find myself opening up a new container of matcha, and boy oh boy, I learned the hard way that there are different tips on how you MUST open up a new can of matcha.

First off, don't try and rip the bag of matcha open like a bag of chips with your fingers. It will explode EVERYWHERE. Opt for a pair of scissors instead. And if you are a lefty like me, maybe get a family member or friend to help you make a clean cut.

Secondly, once you open the bag, make sure to place a piece of paper or paper towel under your tin OR place your tin in the sink to avoid getting matcha powder where you don't want it.

Thirdly, it helps to tilt your cut open bag of matcha within your tin and then start rubbing and emptying it into your tin. This will keep you from losing a lot of matcha powder!

Day 22 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

I have a lot of friends who feel matcha is a daunting beverage to prepare, primarily due to the array of specialized matcha tools and accessories associated with its crafting.

While there are certainly correct and incorrect methods to making matcha, it's essential to understand that there isn't a singular right approach to making matcha!

You can however definitely set yourself up for success by investing in the right matcha tools and storing them thoughtfully to really enjoy the process from start to finish.

Day 23 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

One of the most common mistakes I made when I first began drinking matcha was using way (way way) too much matcha powder. This can make for a less than wonderful matcha experience.

When you are a newbie to matcha powder and flavor, it's always better to start with less and then build up. 

If you are unsure on how much matcha powder you should prepare for one serving, we have these great travel matcha stick packs that are pre-measured and get rid of the headache of trying to gauge how much you should be taking from your tin using a chasaku scoop.

Day 24 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

Another big hack I have learned during my matcha for 30 day challenge is mixing my matcha powder with water with the simple help of my shaker bottle!

Don't have a whisk? No problem! You can shake up your matcha powder and mix it effortlessly with the help of a traditional shaker bottle you would use for pre or post workout powders.

Shaker bottles are also an especially great choice if you are a slow matcha drinker. This is because matcha doesn't actually dissolve, it simply suspends within the water you mix it in.

So if you have a shaker bottle at hand, you can just give it a few shakes between your slow sips and enjoy!

Day 25 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

If you opt to prepare matcha the classic way using a bamboo whisk, make sure you whisk until you achieve a fine layer of small bubbles.

And I am talking vigorous whisking! Try and create a lightning fast zig-zag pattern with the edges of your whisk dragging and scratching along the bottom of your matcha bowl for at least twenty to thirty seconds.

Thoroughly whisking or blending your matcha is essential as it aids in suspending the minute green tea particles evenly in the water. Neglecting this step can result in clumpy matcha, leading to wastage.

Day 26 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

Let me tell you. Matcha is seriously impressive and well-studied when it comes to the female-specific benefits it may help support!

For example, in this one 11-year study involving over 14,000 Japanese adults, they discovered something remarkable. Women who enjoyed the most green tea – we're taking about at least five cups or more per day – had significantly lower risks of all causes of death.

Whether you're aiming to boost your overall well-being, shed some extra pounds, find a coffee alternative, balance those pesky hormones, ease period cramps, or reduce your chances of chronic diseases while aiming for a longer, healthier life – consider making matcha green tea a part of your daily routine!

Day 27 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

If you've been following my matcha challenge then you know I often share the last licks of my matcha bowl with my dogs.

According to studies, matcha may do wonders for our furry friends!

Let me break it down for you: If your four-legged buddy is getting on in years, dealing with achy joints, rocking some not-so-fresh breath, sporting a tangled coat, or carrying a few extra pounds, you might want to think about incorporating some matcha green tea powder into their chowtime routine by letting them take care of your matcha bowl pre-wash to the dishwasher. I spoke with my vet about it and they said it's completely fine for me to do with my two dogs once the dogs have consumed some of their dog food.

If you've got a super young pup like Albee who's just a few months old and you're thinking about giving them a green tea boost, just remember to talk to your vet first! Every pooch is different.

Day 28 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

Now that I have been drinking matcha for four weeks straight, I do consider myself to be much more of a matcha connoisseur than I was. And let me tell you, I really do feel a tremendous difference in the master ceremonial grade matcha compared to the culinary or barista grade matcha I have tried.

If you are a fan of espresso and love getting that pep in your step after your morning coffee boost, then I would highly recommend you opting for a master ceremonial grade matcha if you are looking to make the switch from coffee to matcha.

Compared to all the different matcha powders and blends I have tried throughout my challenge, the master ceremonial grade matcha has definitely given me the biggest boost of energy in the mornings and afternoons.

Day 29 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

As I approach the final day of my 30-day matcha challenge, there's no doubt that I'm beginning to experience the long-term health benefits of daily matcha consumption.

I think I feel a change in my hormone levels, and one of the ways I've noticed that physically is a change in my overall body shape. I used to keep a lot of water weight and experience bloating in my abdomen, but since drinking matcha regularly, I feel like I have more of an hourglass figure and a slimmer waistline. 

If you are looking for quick, easy, and effective ways to boost your weight loss goals, check out this article I wrote on what research says on just how beneficial (& easy) adding matcha to your weight loss regimen can be!

Day 30 of Drinking Matcha for 30 Days

After 30 consecutive days of drinking matcha, there's no doubt that I will continue to enjoy it daily. It has become a habit I eagerly anticipate, helping me focus on stressful days and providing a moment of peace amid chaos.

Not only is it okay to drink Japanese green tea every day, but it has also been an AMAZING experience.

Would you try drinking Matcha for 30 days? 

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The bottom line: We're here for you – Try Drinking Matcha for 30 Days! 

Making Matcha doesn't have to be arduous and complicated. Enjoying my daily Matcha doesn't involve more effort than having your usual morning cup of joe – it's even more manageable depending on how you choose to drink your Matcha! My Matcha weapons of choice? My shaker bottle and matcha lemon aid. 

Remember - you can begin and finish your challenge according to your schedule – you don't have to give up coffee – and you can always start when you are ready. 

Not sure how much and what Matcha to get to begin your challenge? I love our Tenchi Organic matcha and our lemon and mango-flavored matcha aids.

So be sure to stay dialed in and visit this blog post as I add to it until I reach my 30-day goal.

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