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Collapsing Cup for Matcha | Folding Tea Cup, Mini Travel Whisk Bundle

The perfect solution for the matcha lover in you! No longer will a busy and on-the-go lifestyle clash with a delicious, super frothy sip of matcha! Whenever you need it most.

This convenient bundle is the ideal solution for saying yes to matcha, no matter where you are! Plus, with the mini matcha whisk, you can say goodbye to improvised utensils that just don't froth your matcha how you need.

Everything you need here can fit in a pocket, or even better yet a purse, fanny-pack, or travel bags.

Key Features

– Versatile on-the-go storage of essential matcha tools.
– Stainless Steel and natural bamboo keep your matcha pure and delicious!
– Goes where you go, fits easily in pockets, backpacks, fannypacks, and really, anywhere!
– Great for upgrading your daily routine with more matcha pitstops!
– Great for friends and family gifting

What's in the Bundle

You will receive the fashionable, stainless steel collapsible matcha cup, as well as the full Travel Whisk Set:

Stainless Steel Collapsible Matcha Cup

– Stainless Steel Collapsing Cup, 8cm (~3.15"") size, 75ml volume (~2.5oz)
– Closing Metal Lid for convenient travel
– Built-in stainless-steel base for setting down between sips

Travel Whisk Set

– Handcrafted Matcha Whisk (Chasen)
– Folding Matcha Scoop (Chashaku)
– Bamboo Storage Case featuring metal 'keychain' mounts*
– Fashionable White Box as an optional layer of travel simplicity

Travel Matcha Whisk Cleaning:

1. For best use, rinse whisk after each use and shake whisk dry of any large water droplets
2. Avoid moisture anywhere above the shaft, and allow to air-dry for at least 15min
3. Optionally wipe off matcha powder from the scoop
4. Re-assemble into the bamboo travel case

*The bamboo case has two elliptical metal inserts near the closing center of each half for use like a keychain.

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Preparing the perfect bowl of matcha

Making matcha can be fun and surprisingly easy! You can do a more traditional preparation, or a convenient one if you're busy. Here's quick steps anyone can use:


Heat water in a kettle until steam first appears; this will be well below boiling, about 180°F. Turn off heat.


Use a tea scoop or 1tsp to measure matcha and sift into a bowl to prevent clumps.


Add 2-4oz of water for desired consistency.


Use a Whisk or a frother Frother to mix the matcha with water.


Sip and enjoy.