Breakfast Tea Blends to Start Your Morning

Breakfast Tea Blends to Start Your Morning

If you’re already a habitual tea drinker who knows that you love to start your day with a cup of tea or if you’re new to a morning tea ritual, these breakfast tea blends are simply the best. 

Best breakfast blends to start your morning

Why tea in the morning? 

About 80% of people worldwide like to start their day with a caffeinated drink. Caffeine provides a daily pick-me-up that can jumpstart our day and give us energy and alertness. 

In the United States, about 75% of people choose coffee, and 25% choose tea, but in many other countries around the world, including the UK, China, Africa, Russia, and Australia, 80 - 99% of people choose tea over coffee

Why drink tea in the morning?

Tea leaves naturally have more caffeine than coffee beans. During the brewing process, coffee is made with hotter water and a higher quantity of beans than tea leaves, which leads to coffee having a higher amount of caffeine per 8 oz cup than tea. But, more caffeine per cup does not mean coffee is the best choice. Studies show that high amounts of caffeine consumption can lead to anxiety, jitteriness, difficulty sleeping, and even headaches.

A cup of tea will likely make you feel better than a cup of coffee. Due to the lower content of caffeine plus naturally derived amino acids like l-theanine in green tea, black tea, and some mushroom teas, tea will help wake you up and make you feel more alert while causing none of the negative side effects that you may feel from coffee. 

Tea is a less bitter and acidic drink than coffee. There are so many different types of teas that all have varying caffeine content and tastes. The various different flavor profiles of tea mean that you can find a tea (or two, or three, or four!) that you love the taste even without any added sweeteners or milk

Tea is also loaded with health benefits and sickness inhibitors but we’ll talk more about that in the ‘tea as a daily habit’ section of this article. 

What is a tea blend? 

Tea blends are made from one or more types of tea and/or fruits and herbs mixed together to create a blend. Believe it or not, most tea types that you know and love are not pure tea; they are tea blends! Chai, Earl Grey, Jasmine, English Breakfast - they’re all tea blends. 

Even though all tea leaves come from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis, the different harvest styles, regions, and preparations cause huge variations in the caffeine content, flavor profile, and health benefits of different teas

Tea blending allows for a wider range of flavor profiles. By mixing more than one type of tea together and possibly adding fruits, herbs, mushrooms, rice, etc. tea blenders can create unique flavors and benefits in a tea blend. 

Best breakfast tea blends 

What are breakfast tea blends

While any and all teas can be drunk in the morning, traditional breakfast teas are strong, robust in flavor and higher in caffeine content. Black tea and certain green tea like matcha make great breakfast blends. 

Depending on where you are in the world, breakfast tea blends vary greatly! Some of the most well-known to the US and UK are English, Irish, and Scottish breakfast tea, but in other parts of the world, Masala Chai, Matcha, and even non-caffeinated herbal Peppermint are amazing morning tea blends. 

Our four favorite Breakfast tea blends are English Breakfast, Matcha Morning Roast, Masala Chai, and Peppermint Lavender. Check out the chart below for the characteristics of these 4 yummy breakfast teas. 

4 tasty breakfast tea blends

Tea as a daily habit

Tea as a daily habit

The health benefits of tea go back hundreds of years and are truly outstanding. Studies show that people who drink two or more cups of green tea a day are significantly less likely to become ill or die of chronic illness. Tea, green tea especially, is packed full of antioxidants and amino acids that help combat or improve things like:

And so many more! 

There are also lifestyle benefits to adopting a daily ritual or habit that can significantly improve how much you get done in a day and how you handle stress triggers in your daily life. By making drinking tea your morning ritual you’ll experience tons of health benefits and physiological benefits. 

Bottom line

If you haven’t already, try replacing your cup of morning coffee with a cup of breakfast blend tea and see if you feel the difference in your body, mind, and mood! 

Disclaimer: These statements in this blog post have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information provided here is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as medical advice. It's essential to consult with a qualified healthcare professional before making any dietary or lifestyle changes. 


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