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Matcha is the ultimate form of green tea in the whole world. It comes exclusively from Japan, where the benefits of matcha are strongest due to the special climate and cultivation techniques.

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What is Matcha?

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Matcha Health Benefits

Matcha Green Tea Delivers Real Health Benefits

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Matcha vs Coffee

Why is Matcha Better than Coffee?

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Matcha Recipes

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How is Matcha Harvested?

During a short and busy harvest season, tea farmers gather leaves and take them to processing facilities.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is there such a thing as decaf matcha?
No, unlike coffee, matcha is a 100% natural product and does not undergo that type of processing. If you're sensitive to caffeine, it's better to think about "is matcha high in L-theanine?" The reason is because this compound directly counteracts some of the caffeine side effects people get from coffee and other energy drinks. You really just have to try it to understand.

2. Is matcha safe for me to drink?
There's a lot of great research on the safety of matcha. Besides being a 1,000yr old health booster, many medical resources report the general safety of matcha, including the intake of green tea catechins. There are no well known interactions, especially when you consider that really, matcha is just green tea – albeit a very high quality! Still, if you're concerned you should consult your physician.

3. How soon will I feel health benefits?
The energizing qualities of matcha take place starting just minutes after enjoying your first bowl. The energy can support you throughout the whole day without a crash. You'll feel it day 1, but as time goes by with the daily enjoyment of this tea, your body will experience the established health benefits, such as those which may help metabolism, lower inflammation, aid in gut health, protect the brain, and promote longevity from within in a balanced way.

4. Why should I entrust as my source for matcha?
We are the official supplier of super-premium grades of Japanese matcha. We support customers worldwide, offer USDA organic and conventional options, and are exclusively focused on the convenience, quality, and ease of your matcha experience. You can tell by our URL that we are serious about what we're doing.

5. How does support Tea-farmers in Japan?
But above all else, you should choose us for more than the quality, that's because our ethical relationships with multi-generational, small craft tea-farms in Japan allow us to truly represent a means of helping protect the tradition, and health benefits of high quality matcha. The supply of real matcha dwindles each year because of big corporations seeking quantity over quality, sacrificing authentic harvesting techniques and much more. Feel good about joining today.