Happy National Matcha Day, 2023!

Happy National Matcha Day, 2024!

Today, we're celebrating the best day of the year here over at Matcha.com!

National Matcha Day comes every May 2nd, the traditional opening of the spring tea season in Japan. Also known as Hajichu Hachiya, which translates to the "88th night", a special day in the old Japanese lunar calendar. Historically speaking, Hojicha Hachiya began in order to pull the attention of both farmers and fishermen. On this 88th day of Japanese springtime, the weather typically shifts from colder barren days into warmer summer days, giving farmers a opportune time to plant their rice and fishermen better catches in their days. But most especially, the best time to start picking tea! 

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Nowadays, the seasons and weather conditions are always changing, but celebrating on this day will always hold great significance and importance in our Matcha community. 

When we discovered for ourselves how good matcha can be for you, all we wanted to do was share that with the world. Knowing its various health benefits of brain boosting, hormonal balancing, and it being the go-to superfood (among other reasons), we made it our mission to make matcha everyones better option. And over the years as we've shared our knowledge on matcha, we also began exchanging ideas and experiences with all types of people we've encountered. Through this, we built better relationships and grew our community in ways we never imagined. And we're always looking forward to continue on this path of better and happier living with matcha!

So today, don't forget to celebrate with a hearty cup of matcha—good for both the body and soul! Cheers! 

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