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Can Drinking Matcha Help Replace Statins?

If you are currently someone who has high cholesterol or are at an increased risk of heart disease, you might be considering the use of a statin as part of your treatment protocol.

Statins are a group of drugs that reduce levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol in the blood. They work by blocking the action of a liver enzyme involved in the production of cholesterol.

While statins are effective and relatively safe, they aren’t without side effects: muscle pain, fatigue, and gastro-intestinal symptoms, for example.

If you can lower cholesterol through dietary changes and natural remedies, you might try those first before starting on a prescribed medication.

Lowering cholesterol the natural way

Start by decreasing your consumption of sugar flour and other quick-digesting carbs, as well as saturated fats. Also increase your physical activity.

Can matcha help reduce cholesterol? 

Matcha tea can also help. Studies show that the catechins found in green tea (including matcha) are effective for lowering cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease.

One study noted that in addition to lowering overall cholesterol levels, green tea catechins specifically lowered LDL cholesterol.

Green tea and cholesterol. 

Another study that looked at a large population of 4,209 participants noted that those who drank the most green tea had lower rates of death from all causes.

While not all individuals may be able to forgo medication, many may find that with dietary change, exercise, and matcha, they can keep their cholesterol in the healthy range.

Discuss this possibility with your doctor. As an added benefit, matcha tea may also improve many other areas of your health by improving your mood and reducing your risk of depression, boosting your immunity, and lowering your risk for certain types of cancer.

Final Note:

If you're interested in trying matcha but confused about which matcha is right for you, the answers you're looking for can be found through our matcha quiz.

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