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Bringing the world's best Matcha to you

Our Mission

With a focus on quality and enhancing
understanding of matcha tea

Ceremonial Grade

This is a real luxury for those who appreciate a superior grade of matcha. It has a full-bodied, creamy flavor with a slight hint of sweetness.

Starting at $69

Matcha Leaves from Japan

Our teas are grown on the pristine hillsides of Uji in the Kyoto region by farmers who are part of a 300-year-old matcha growing tradition.

Health backed by 1,000 years of tradition.

Matcha is the ultimate form of green tea. For more than a thousand years, Zen monks, Samurai warriors, and Japanese connoisseurs have enjoyed the health benefits of this whole-leaf tea. From calming effects to increased cognitive performance, matcha helps improve health and well-being.

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Tradition and quality are behind our products

Exclusive sourcing

We've established exclusive relationships with a handful of respected, award-winning tea growers.

True Matcha

Our matcha is grown in Japan and is 100% true matcha tea powder.


Our matcha is a vibrant green with a pleasing aroma, rich umami taste, and smooth finish.

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