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We've long enjoyed the Healing Power of Matcha

Matcha for Daily Immune Support

Defend your overall wellness with matcha

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Organic Superior Matcha

Sweet, rich flavor. Our Organic Matcha is the finest organic green tea powder available, carefully selected for its rich umami flavor and deep natural green color. Full of health promoting antioxidants.

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Matcha Leaves from Japan

Our teas are grown on the pristine hillsides of Uji in the Kyoto region by farmers who are part of a 300-year-old matcha growing tradition.

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"The best tasting matcha on the planet!"

I've been to Japan a few times and I've had a lot of matcha tea and this one is by far my favorite here in the US. I ordered a few brands on Amazon and none of them compare to this matcha. One place I ordered from on Amazon said their matcha comes from Japan but when I received the package it said made in China! And it was expensive. I've tried other types of matcha on Matcha Kari's website, but this one is the best. The other teas were good as well but this one is my favorite. I love how I feel after drinking matcha.

–Donna Little

July 16, 2020

Health backed by 1,000 years of tradition.

Matcha is the ultimate form of green tea. For more than a thousand years, Zen monks, Samurai warriors, and Japanese connoisseurs have enjoyed the health benefits of this whole-leaf tea. From calming effects to increased cognitive performance, matcha helps improve health and well-being.

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Tradition and quality are behind our products

Best Matcha Tea

Exclusive sourcing

We've established exclusive relationships with a handful of respected, award-winning tea growers.

Matcha Plant

True Matcha

Our matcha is grown in Japan and is 100% true matcha tea powder.

Matcha Powder


Our matcha is a vibrant green with a pleasing aroma, rich umami taste, and smooth finish.

Matcha Powder Matcha Leaf Japan

Is Matcha Green Tea for You?

Green Tea Matcha Explained

What is Matcha? Matcha Tea Explained

Matcha is the ultimate form of green tea in the whole world. It comes exclusively from Japan, where the benefits of matcha are strongest due to the special climate and cultivation techniques.

How to Make Matcha? Preparing Matcha Teas

Here's a detailed video on how to make matcha.
1. To preserve the health benefits of matcha, also known as powder matcha, the water temperature must not be too hot. 2. Start by heating water in a stovetop or electric kettle. Heat to a simmer, the temperature should be about 175 F°. Pour about 4oz of hot water into a matcha bowl and dip your bamboo whisk (chasen). 3. Pour out the water and dry, before placing your sifter (furui) over the matcha bowl. Use your bamboo scoop (chashaku), measure out 3 scoops of the matcha green tea powder, and sift. 4. Then, add 1/4cup of the heated water and whisk the matcha powder to create a froth by using a back and forth whisking action. 5. Now, sip and enjoy!

Is Matcha a Green Tea Powder?

You've probably asked yourself Is green tea matcha? The truth is matcha green tea powder is one of the most concentrated tea powders in the world, and it's not just green tea either. In fact, the range of matcha green teas rank highly for overall antioxidants and the matcha ORAC rating, especially the ceremonial grades. However, no matter the matcha you choose, you'll get more antioxidant health benefits than you ever would compared to green tea.

Is Green Tea Matcha? Choosing the Best Matcha

Yes, matcha is green tea, but the traditional cultivation makes the unique health benefits of matcha incredibly potent. You'll notice the various matcha greens and emerald colors which come from fine quality tea, a visual cue to the high level of premium quality green tea powder. In fact, the renowned matcha tea green color can help you decipher whether the quality at-hand is the right one for you. As a rule of thumb, the brighter green matcha tea is the higher quality, more naturally sweet and savory it will be.

Matcha Latte: Making your latte matcha flavored?

Matcha lattes are growing quickly, the naturally sweet, savory, and earthy flavors combine well in common barista-like applications. If you're looking for matcha for lattes, head over to our Barista selection.

Common Misconceptions of Matcha

The most common misconception is that it's green tea with matcha. Even though some products combine these two types of green tea and refer to them as one and the same, it's because of the way matcha is grown that it has a markedly more nutritious composition than normal green tea, making it more enjoyable, notoriously healthy, and of course energizing. Also, the matcha powder green color comes from the pre-harvest shading technique, a method nearly 1,000 years old which encourages higher concentrations of health boosting compounds in matcha. The bottom line if you're looking for a matcha boost, is to choose a product which is 100% matcha, without regular green tea.

What Benefits Matcha can offer me?

There are countless benefits to matcha, it's more a question of what you're looking for. Matcha benefits may include for weight-loss, to boost your antioxidant intake, to help you switch from coffee, and even to promote longevity. However, perhaps the biggest matcha benefit is that it can adapt to your busy and on-the-go lifestyle, while supporting your health all the while.

How does powdered green tea compare to other fine Japanese Teas?

One of the primary differences to other high quality Japanese loose-leaf teas is that matcha is finely powdered by stone-grinding. The tea-leaves used for matcha are known as tencha leaves, considered the highest quality green tea leaves and have high amino-acid content for mental focus and calming energy.

What are the Benefits of Japanese loose-leaf Teas?

While all Japanese teas have some levels of amino-acids, the premium green teas like matcha and gyokuro may have the strongest stress-reducing properties, which may be one reason for research on heart disease and blood pressure. Although matcha is the Japanese tea used in traditional Japanese tea ceremony, however all Japanese teas carry great benefits for wellness.

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