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Join us on our Matcha Mission! Affiliates earn extra cash, plus the title of MATCHAZILLA!

Whether newly passionate or well-acquainted, matcha’s growing reaches in wellness and healthy hustling means a perfect time to join the fun! Read below how you can monetize your social influence or website:

What does it take to be a Mighty MATCHAZILLA?

Our affiliates represent like-minded businesses and social influencers whose aligned values can mean exclusive cash compensation + exclusive matcha benefits

What should I expect?

Matcha is great fuel for virtually every lifestyle, we’ll make sure you’re rewarded for your effort as you introduce it to new people. You’ll have access to digital content and banners, plus we’ll hook you up with the latest merch and matcha swag along the way to make sure you have what you need.

Samples, New Products + Monthly Matcha

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Join the Matcha Mission + Create Happy Moments


  • Minimum 5K total social following OR monthly website traffic consistent with our values, story, and mission
  • Free to Join, no quotas or minimum payouts

5 Easy Steps to Get Started

  1. Fill out our secure application
  2. Give us 14 days to review your application (usually quicker!)
  3. If approved, you’ll receive a unique affiliate login
  4. Login to update profile, preferences, and manage payouts.
  5. Start Earning!

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