Matcha Green Tea Powder and other powdered green tea

Learn About Matcha Green Tea Powder and Other Powdered Green Teas

Is matcha powder the same as regular green tea powder or instant green tea? Short answer: Nope!

Matcha powder and other green tea powders are far from the same thing. Yes, they are all from the Camellia Sinensis plant and are classified as green tea. Still, they are produced and prepared in contrasting ways – resulting in distinctive nutritional profiles, taste, color, texture, and more.

differences in green tea powders and matcha tea powder

From the growing to manufacturing processes, keep reading to learn about the differences between matcha powder, green tea powder, and instant green tea.

Comparing matcha powder to green tea powder and instant green tea | Key differences 

Matcha tea powder

Green tea powder

Instant green tea powder

Shade-grown Tencha leaves produced from the first flush of green tea plant leaves.

Sun-grown Sencha leaves and other parts of the green tea plant later in the harvest.

Sun-grown Sencha leaves and other parts of the green tea plant later in the harvest.

Young tea leaves are hand-picked, de-veined and all stems are removed and then finely stone-ground.

Leaves are dried, rolled and then broken into smaller piece, and then ground down in a number of different ways.

Once green tea leaves are brewed, liquid extract is concentrated and then dried and ground into a powder form.

Zero preservatives or additives. 

Zero preservatives or additives.

Preservatives and additives are added during production such as maltodextrin or citric acid.

100% of the nutrients from the whole tea leaves.

Less nutrients than matcha powder due to the stems and veins.

1/3rd of the nutrients and minerals of whole tea leaves found in matcha.

A bright, luminescent green color.

A darker, more dull green and brown color.

A more dull green, even sometimes yellow-ish brown color.

A very fine and delicate powder of pure tea leaves that suspends in water.

A more rough, grainy, coarse powder that suspends in water.

Due to preservatives and additives, instant green tea will dissolve in water without any sediment.

Best prepared hot with an optimum temperature of 175℉. (Not boiling water)

Green tea powder tends to taste better in water that’s been boiled. This fully releases the aromas of the tea leaves.

Can be prepared in a variety of temperatures.

An earthy, yet sweet grassy flavor profile with a smooth, umami finish.

A more bitter, astringent flavor profile that has more of an edge that pairs well with honey or sugar.

A more sour, bitter flavor profile that may have also have added ingredients and sweeteners.

Comes from a pure cultivar.

Doesn’t have to be a pure cultivar.

Doesn’t have to be a pure cultivar.

Highest in l-theanine, chlorophyll, and caffeine.

Lower in l-theanine, chlorophyll, and caffeine.

Lowest in l-theanine, chlorophyll, caffeine, and other nutrients.

High in catechins, especially EGCG, but lower than regular green tea powders. 

Has a higher amount of catechins than matcha powder due to being sun-grown.

Has lower amount of bioavailable nutrients than matcha and regular green tea powder.

Most strictly regulated for purity and potency.

Less strictly regulated.

Least strictly regulated.

High-quality matcha is often more expensive than regular green tea powder or instant green tea.

Price and quality can greatly vary, but overall tends to be lower than matcha powder.

Price can vary but generally lower quality and price than regular green tea powder.

What is Matcha green tea powder?

Matcha powder is very different from other green teas and green tea powders. This is because matcha is grown and harvested differently, giving it its unique flavor profile, preparation, highly bioavailable nutrients, and supportive health benefits. High-quality matcha green tea powder has been used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries. It has recently gained popularity in the US due to its long list of health benefits, vibrant green color, and easy preparation.

Is Matcha green tea powder the same as green tea powder?

Learn about the differences between Japanese vs. Chinese grown matcha tea powder here.

For green tea powder to be considered matcha powdered green tea, it must:

  • Be produced from tencha leaves, which are the highest grade tea leaves that are shade-grown for at least 20 days and are hand-picked
  • Finely stone-ground into a bright green, smooth, velvety powder once leaves are de-stemmed and deveined.
  • It has zero additives or preservatives.

How does matcha powder compare to regular green teas?

Compared to regular loose-leaf green tea, matcha powder is packed with even more benefits partly because when you make matcha, you whisk the powder with hot or cold water – which means you consume whole tea leaves when you drink it.

Unlike the powdered form of loose-leaf green tea powders, matcha tea powder is also deveined and de-stemmed and made from the youngest, hand-picked Tencha tea leaves – which increases its healthful qualities and caffeine content and gives it its striking vegetal and umami flavor. 

Different Green tea powders compared to matcha powder

Learn more about what matcha green tea powder is here.

How does matcha powder compare to instant green tea powder?

Unlike matcha powder – which is just pure tencha green tea leaves – Instant powdered green tea is processed into a concentrate that is then blended with added preservatives such as citric acid or maltodextrin.

Because matcha tea powder has no additives or preservatives, it suspends and sinks to the bottom of your cup when prepared vs. entirely dissolving like instant green tea. Matcha also has a much higher nutritional value, delivering more nutrients than instant green tea powder varieties.

The bottom line

Beyond its flavor profile and bright, joy-inducing green color, matcha green tea powder stands apart and above other green tea powders. If you're looking to support your health, find a healthy daily energy boost, and are concerned about taste, we don't recommend cutting corners by buying regular or instant green tea powder.

matcha powdered green tea compared to instant green tea powder

Matcha green tea powder has undoubtedly become a go-to choice for health enthusiasts, weight watchers, and trendsetters alike, renowned not only for its ability to help combat diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure but also for supporting healthy weight management. Also, due to its high l-theanine and caffeine content, matcha powder offers a wonderful alternative to coffee caffeine, helping boost cognitive performance by priming your mind into a focused yet relaxed state.

It only takes a few sips of a well-prepared ceremonial-grade matcha tea to grasp that it is not just any old regular green tea powder.

Browse our high-grade, shade-grown, organic matcha green tea powder here.

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