Matcha Butter Spread Recipe: Matcha Green Tea Butter Spread With Chives & Sea Salt

Matcha Butter Spread Recipe: Matcha Green Tea Butter Spread With Chives & Sea Salt

Looking for a breakfast makeover that provides a simple and savory way to add matcha green tea to your morning routine? We’ve got you covered with this matcha butter spread recipe.

Matcha green tea butter spread

You need to make some of this creamy and simply satisfying matcha green tea butter spread. It will elevate your generic breakfast toast to a new galaxy. 

Our vibrant emerald-green matcha butter spread is packed with tons of antioxidants along with caffeine, giving you a boost of energy in the morning without any coffee caffeine jitters or midday slump. 

Butter is also a rich source of vitamin d (a harder vitamin to get enough of in the wintertime!), a nutrient that is essential for bone health – as well as calcium, which is vital for maintaining bone strength with age. Some researchers have even found links to high-fat dairy products such as butter and a lower incidence of obesity, heart problems, diabetes – though it's still important to remember butter is high in saturated fats and calories – so should be enjoyed in moderation. 

Ingredients in this matcha butter:

One stick of unsalted butter (1/2 cup butter)

One pinch of flaky salt 

One teaspoon culinary grade matcha

One tablespoon of chopped chives (or dill)

  • High-quality Matcha green tea powder: Make sure to sift your matcha before adding it to your butter, or you’ll end up with clumps. One of the best parts of this topping is its incredibly bright green hue. You’ll only get that coloring from high-quality matcha, however. Please don’t skimp on the quality of your matcha, or you’ll pay for it with the taste and color. 
  • High quality butter that is softened: The quality of the ingredients that go in dictates the product. And maybe somewhat surprisingly, not all butter is created equally! High-quality butter will have a uniform color and be dense. It also should never contain vegetable fats. We recommend buying unsalted butter that is grass-fed for this recipe so we can add flaky sea salt ourselves. 
  • Fresh chives:  Chives are an herb in the allium family that are easy to find in most grocery stores and lend to the savory taste of this recipe. 
  • Flaky Sea Salt: A fantastic finisher for the dish, big chunky sea salt is always a good staple to have in your kitchen.
Simple matcha butter spread recipe

3 Simple Step Directions: How to make matcha butter

  1. It’s necessary to start with softened butter. If you have the time, let your butter warm on your counter. If you’re short on time (or in a cold house), you can soften your butter in hot water. You can either warm a glass under hot water by putting your glass with butter to hover in a bowl of warm water or you can place your cold butter in a glass bowl and let warm water run over the bottom directly from the faucet (make sure your butter isn’t getting wet, however).
  2. Sift your matcha and add it to your softened butter. Again, this is key to ensure you’re getting a smooth texture. It’s worth the few extra seconds!
  3. Mix your butter and matcha using a wooden spoon or an electric mixer until smooth, top with chives and salt, and you’re done! If preparing a butter board, then simply spread your matcha butter on your butter board, add some bread and enjoy being your favorite friend at your next party. 

matcha chive butter spread recipe

This matcha chive butter is perfect for your next dinner party: Have you made a butter board?

With the fall in full bloom, the charcuterie boards are out, and butter boards are the new “it” appetizer. So whether you’re already a butter board pro looking to elevate your appetizer game or making your first butter board and want to wow your friends, this matcha chive butter is sure to do the trick. It’s easy, it’s beautiful, and it’s oh-so-delicious. Softened butter is mixed with matcha and topped with fresh chives resulting in a delightful and fresh topping. 



What are butter boards?

Butter boards were popularized on tik tok and have come to replace charcuterie boards as the king of appetizers. They are quick and easy to make and much more affordable. Butter boards include (obviously) softened butter that is gracefully smeared and topped with herbs and other seasonings and mix-ins, like hot honey. This is all paired with crusty bread for dipping and spreading. It makes for a beautiful treat at any gathering! Not only are butter boards more economical than charcuterie boards, but they are also aesthetically pleasing, especially if we’re adding this wonderfully bright matcha butter to the mix. 

How to use matcha butter:

While we’ve chatted about what an excellent addition this would make to a butter board, this matcha chive butter also makes a delicious accompaniment to several other dishes. There’s an endless number of possibilities here! Just a few ideas:

  • Breakfast toast or bagel
  • On toast topped with an egg
  • Spread on crackers with cheese
  • Added to a grilled cheese
  • With pasta
  • On potatoes
  • Spread on a ham and cheese sandwich
  • Matcha garlic bread
matcha green tea butter spread

Whatever you decide to create with this matcha chive butter, we’re sure it will be delicious. 

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This post and recipe is By Diana Weil,'s Integrative Nutritionist and Food Relationship Specialist.


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