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Matcha: Jay Shetty <> Dr. Weil Podcast | Matcha Highlights Recap, Watch Here

Great minds drink alike, right? That’s certainly the case when it comes to former monk and podcast host, Jay Shetty, and Matcha.com co-founder, Dr. Andrew Weil. The two recently joined forces for a fascinating episode of On Purpose – in which they discuss alternative approaches to boosting your health and wellness. 

This episode was brought to you by the one and only Matcha.com (your's truly!), and for that reason it's no surprise that this captivating chat covers the health benefits of a cozy cup of matcha! 

For avid fans of Jay Shetty, now’s the perfect chance to get to know Dr. Weil. You’ll find these two have far more in common than just the matcha they drink. For one, Jay Shetty has deep roots in meditation. As Dr. Weil discusses, the practice of drinking matcha actually has the same roots in meditation and daily ritual. It's an amazing coffee-alternative and it's great to slow down and re-center, without giving up the energy your busy day demands!

Coffee crashes and hustle culture, we are talking to YOU!

Jay Shetty's listeners can appreciate the many ways that he helps folks to apply the teachings of meditation, mindfulness, and daily ritual throughout your daily lifestyle. Useful daily tips that you can actually put to work to better yourself day-by-day.

In a similar way, Dr. Weil has been on a the same mission for his whole life's work and ongoing career. Interestingly, matcha tea was one of the first natural products that Dr. Weil fell in love with at the young of age 17 on his first trip to Japan! What blossomed his lifelong fascination with matcha was the striking, vibrant, green color. 

Watch above as Dr. Weil takes us back to his early adventures in Japan, recalling his first-ever (matcha) tea ceremony in 1959, as well as many other useful stories. 

Dr. weil in a matcha tea field in japan , dr weils matcha

That’s not to say it was an easy feat to help introduce matcha to the rest of the world. Unlike coffee and other widely-consumed caffeinated beverages, the market for matcha was virtually non-existent by the 1980s, Dr. Weil recalls.

"Dr. Weil has enjoyed matcha tea on a daily basis for decades for its fortifying & nutritious benefits. It remains one of his most trusted plant-allies."

If you ask Dr. Weil, as a whole we're still sleeping on a number of severely under-recognized natural health practices. On this podcast episode, the duo covers practical ways to adopt ancient wisdom alongside modern-day health. 

Not to mention, they also cover the curious resurgence of mainstream psychdelics, micro-dosing, and other popular topics. Listen to the whole episode above!

dr. weil's matcha, image of matcha from jay shetty featured on his podcast

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