A Melon-Matcha Vodka Cocktail That May Help Ease Anxiety & Replenish Electrolytes

A Melon-Matcha Vodka Cocktail (Or Mocktail) That Helps Ease Anxiety & Replenish Electrolytes?

This post and recipe is By Diana Weil, Matcha.com's Integrative Nutritionist and Food Relationship Specialist.

Are you looking for a healthy, low-calorie vodka cocktail or refreshing and easy mocktail to make this summer? This iced melon matcha recipe is made with two of the most antioxidant-rich and hydrating ingredients in the world– and it couldn’t be easier to prepare!

It is full-blown summer here in the northern hemisphere of the US, and that means one thing… It’s time to create refreshing cocktails using our favorite ingredient: 

M-A-T-C-H-A !

It turns out that melon and matcha make the perfect duo. This may be *the* most refreshing and rejuvenating cocktail of the summer. It also may quickly become your go-to cocktail as you ease yourself back into larger social settings now that COVID restrictions have finally lifted.

Oh and did we mention its light and fruity with just a hint of spice?! Mm, how nice! ;) 

Could it be? A summer drink that eases anxiety and is rich in electrolytes

Matcha has a long, laundry list of well-studied health benefits, so it may be no surprise to you to know that Matcha is an excellent source of antioxidants and L-theanine. L-theanine is an amino acid that helps keep you calm and relaxed – making it the perfect thing to sip on at your next summer party if you are prone to social anxiety.

One of the other reasons this is the perfect summer drink is that honeydew melon is rich in electrolytes. We lose electrolytes in our sweat, so paying attention to your electrolyte consumption is especially important in the hot summer months. 

It just might be the best move for your health to have that matcha cocktail at your next BBQ! ;) 

Ingredients you’ll need to make one cocktail:

Ginger Simple Syrup:

  • 2” piece of ginger
  • ¼ cup water
  • ¼ cup sugar  
For the melon cocktail:
  • 1 cup cubed melon
  • 1.5 oz vodka (leave out if making a mocktail)
  • Juice from half a lemon
  • One teaspoon matcha
  • Club soda
  • Ice


  1. Start by Making your own ‘healthy’ simple syrup. Grate your ginger, leaving the peel on.
  2. Add water, sugar, and fresh ginger to a small saucepan over medium heat.
  3. Heat until the sugar has completely dissolved, then flip your stove off and allow the flavors to set for at least 10 minutes.
  4. The longer you allow it to sit, the more robust and intense of a ginger flavor you’ll have. When you are ready, pour your mixture through a fine strainer.
  5. Using a blender or immersion blender, liquefy melon… add soda water to help blend further if needed. Strain melon juice to remove pulp. Place to the side.
  6. In a cocktail shaker or jar, combine melon juice, lemon juice, sifted matcha, and two teaspoons of syrup and vodka. Shake the mixture and pour it into a glass over ice. 
  7. Top with soda water and garnish with lemon slices.

          Warning: This may become your go-to summer drink

          This recipe doesn’t take long and can easily be multiplied to serve your thirsty friends, so we will just apologize now for how often you’ll be asked to make it. Whoops :) 

          Next time you have company, impress your friends with this perfect summer drink! And, always remember you can also easily skip the vodka for a delicious mocktail version that comes with all the supportive health benefits found in matcha powder and honeydew melons.

          We know that it may feel like a lot to get out the blender for this cocktail when it comes to the melon. But we promise you – blending the melon only takes a few moments and is well worth your time. The subtly sweet juice from the melon mixes perfectly with the full-bodied flavor of the matcha for a cool beverage you can enjoy all summer long.