Shelter with Matcha: Ways to Improve your Social Distancing

Shelter with Matcha: Ways to Improve your Social Distancing

As we isolate, abide by “shelter in place” orders, and otherwise try to take comfort from within our homes, we feel immensely grateful for the ongoing selflessness of those directly involved in the fight against coronavirus.

Doing our part from home has included research of how to help our nation’s healthcare workers, assist others with essential jobs holding everything together, and ways to donate towards supply shortages.

For the sake of those without the luxury of staying cozy at home, it’s on us to be there for them during times of need. Perhaps, doing our part includes taking coziness and self-care into overtime.

Sheltering in Place… with Matcha!

This time has also given chance to whisk-up some matcha and reflect how we can make sense of social distancing. We’ve highlighted necessary acts of kindness amidst levels of negativity, and pointed to examples in spotting fake information in the news.

Ourselves included, if you’re staying home – it’s not a pause to responsibility. It’s up to us to boost spirits and keep morale high. Maintaining ourselves as means of support during this time is essential. Especially since most everyone has friends or family in healthcare or other essential roles.

Here we cover ways to “matcha in place” and other coziness factors (books, tv shows) to boost your enjoyment: 

Sheltering in Place: Five Ways to Enjoy Matcha

The only thing for sure right now is uncertainty. Cases of COVID-19 are expected to peak in the month of April, which means the worst may be yet to come.

All most of us can do is stay calm, STAY HOME, and keep virtually connected. In order to ease boredom and improve other pastime measures, we suggest all things matcha!


It’s tempting to zone out and try to numb against the isolation. There’s a time and place for that, but now isn’t a good time to slack on our daily rituals, either.

People are getting crafty about remote work, in-person yoga classes have taken to livestreams – innovation without sacrificing the staples of daily ritual. So why postpone that daily matcha date? Those of us with a Tea-for-Two set need suffer no longer.

Keep things distanced and fire up Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime. You and your matcha budd(ies) can split the hand-crafted accessories (and tea) as you share – virtually – in the preparation, ritual, and subtle flavors of matcha.


Even social distancing shouldn’t keep turmeric and matcha away from each other. These OG health boosters are all the craze, and even more invigorating together! Don’t forget the black pepper:


    • 2-tsp matcha powder
    • ¼-tsp turmeric Powder
    • Pinch of black pepper
    • ¼-cup hot (but not boiling) water
    • 1½-cups non-dairy milk (source of healthy fats)
    • 1-tsp coconut oil
    • 1-tsp sweetener (optional to taste)


    • Combine matcha, turmeric and cracked pepper to a mixing bowl 
    • Add warm water and whisk and heat milk to a simmer.
    • Add coconut oil and mix.
    • Add everything (including any sweetener) together and enjoy!

    Together, matcha and turmeric are like the ultimate sickness-fighting duo. Turmeric’s natural anti-inflammatory properties are potentiated by black pepper, and the calming energy from matcha is relaxing as you strive for sanity through isolation. The essential worker in your life will thank you.


    Favorite cafe closed? Take inspiration from the Danish word ‘hygge’ and whisk-up your own matcha from the coziness of home. As we ‘shelter in place’, now is the time to catch-up on the Danes.

    You can skip right to upgrading your social distance (and functional coziness) with a Matcha Tea Station:

      • Clear some counter space for each of your matcha utensils. As you work from home (WFH), having dedicated space will make taking a break that much more refreshing. “Having a matcha tea station clears the space, so that matcha can clear your mind.”


    Quarantine also means less time for groceries. If you’re interested in simple, delicious (and dense) at-home nutrition, then you should seriously consider Matcha Chia Pudding:

      • Use a 16oz mason jar or similar-sized airtight container
      • Add 1cup of non-dairy milk (almond or coconut are great)
      • Add 1tsp of honey or agave to taste (optional – matcha is naturally sweet)
      • Mix together with 1/4tsp of vanilla extract and sifted matcha (1-2tsp to taste)
      • Add 1/2cup of chia seeds and agitate until the mix thickens (~60seconds)
      • Refrigerate until the morning. Enjoy!

    This recipe is versatile and can be improved upon however you see fit. Chia seeds are a near-complete source of nutrition and matcha green tea also packs a punch of vitamins and minerals.

    Try preparing it before bed and enjoying it for breakfast. It will keep you full long into the day, and hunger will be one less thing you have to worry about during these chaotic times.


    Calling out of work is off the table, so why not enjoy some guilty pleasures? Make quarantine a time to remember with matcha waffles! If you have children at home, these will raise happiness and relieve boredom. Natural levels of L-theanine in matcha will leave everyone with a nice ‘chill’ buzz too: 


      • 1½ cup all purpose flour
      • 4 tbsp low-glycemic sweetener
      • 1½ tbsp baking powder
      • 4 tsp matcha
      • ¼ tsp salt


        • 1 cup non-dairy milk (e.g. coconut, almond)
        • ¼ cup vegetable oil
        • 1 tsp natural vanilla extract
        • 1 egg (alternatives: e.g. flax, chia)


          • In a bowl, combine dry ingredients. In another bowl, combine wet ingredients and pour into the dry mix. Use a spatula to pour batter onto waffle iron. To ensure the matcha isn’t damaged by high heat, iron for longer at a lower temperature setting (if adjustable).
          • Try 3 minutes and flip, and remove after 1 additional minute. Timing will vary.

          The Bottom Line

          Right now, everyone is striving to do the best they can to support their communities, while protecting themselves and loved ones. This tough balance is causing stress levels to rise across the nation, with many people unsure how to cope.

          We offer that matcha is a simple addition to your daily routine to fuel yourself with calming amino-acids, and fortified nutrition. It’s not the ‘be all end all’ of social distancing, but it certainly will help.

          Whether your transition is one of working-from-home, or mandated sheltering, it’s no time to slack on regular health habits, either. Without necessary stress reduction, we put ourselves at risks of mental health issues, and even elevated viral vulnerability.

          Don't forget to pair yourself with matcha a couple times everyday. It’s excellent to stay productive, to take the edge off, and to make sure we’re present for those who need our support.

          -Team Matcha Kari

          P.S. This funny viral video may also bring a smile: