Space Matcha in Space

We Sent Our Matcha to Space!

A long time ago in a green galaxy far, far away….

A team of Matchazillas from Japan developed the first of its kind, Space Matcha™. Made of the same organic ceremonial grade matcha from Uji and the same advanced space preservation technology used by NASA, these compact Instant Matcha Cubes are lightweight and instantly dissolve in water or milk. Just drop it and drink! It’s the perfect on-the-go or even out-of-this-world tea!

We didn’t make Astronaut Grade™ matcha cubes for nothing. Of course, we have to put it to the test: we sent our Space Matcha to… you guessed it, space!

Join us in an out-of-this-world matcha experience. Taste the essence of the cosmos in every cube of our Space Matcha!