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Matcha Tumbler

Traditionally inspired. Artisanally crafted.

When holding one of these tumblers, you can sense their balanced, evenly weighted composition. Even smoother to sip from them!

Both styles have been traditionally designed, yet with modern convenience in mind. Tumblers work better with an Electric Frother than a traditional bamboo whisk, making them popular options for those who enjoy a daily latte or quick preparation.

They also have been heat-treated in order to be suitable for cold brew or hot tea enjoyment. Made from a premium, specialized clay type that is residual free, both styles represent authentic Japanese ceramics and outstanding artistry.

An aesthetic masterpiece each of them. Natural variations of ceramic and glaze act to beautifully accent each unique sip of emerald green matcha tea.

Supplies Extremely Limited*

*Due to the artisanal quality, the pattern you receive may vary slightly from the images. For clarity, the Hokkori Mug is the one with a handle. 

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