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Authentic Japanese utensils give your tea the flavor and consistency to make the consummate bowl of matcha green tea in a way Western utensils cannot.

Expertly whip your matcha tea with our handcrafted whisk (chasen). Each whisk is handmade from a single bamboo piece. Our matcha tea whisks are available in several different tine count options. Store your whisk between uses and give it a longer life with our whisk-shaped drier accessory.

Our matcha tea scoop (chashaku) is crafted out of a single piece of bamboo and made to exact measurements for a foolproof amount of tea every time.

Proper sifting is essential when you make a bowl of matcha tea. Our matcha tea sifter (furui) is handmade to prevent the tea from clumping. Making matcha tea is an art form, and the only way to achieve the sublime is with traditional Japanese utensils and methods.

What does Godzilla have to do with matcha tea? Take a look at our Kanagawa wave and Godzilla t-shirts to find out. Even if you don't make or drink matcha tea yourself, it's obvious Godzilla loves it. T-shirts are available in regular and ladies' sizes in a variety of colors. Our t-shirts make fun gifts for everyone on your list, too.