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Japanese Matcha Genmaicha Farm-direct Loose-leaf

Also referred by 'Poet's Tea" – Matcha Genmaicha is a staple of artisanal Japanese tea and is surprisingly simple: roasted puffed rice and dried sencha leaves, together coated in a premium quality of bright green matcha powder from Uji, Japan.

What is Genmaicha?

'Genmaicha' literally translates to mean 'brown rice' tea, and is remarkably delicious with a natural, crisp sweetness. The traditional origins of genmaicha began as an accessible tea option to all people, as weight-for-weight it was more cost-effective due to the rice content.

Following this humble origin, Matcha Genmaicha quickly became one of the most greatly adored traditional Japanese loose-leaf teas.

Satiating, energizing, and uniquely full in flavor, Matcha Genmaicha is suitable for most every person due to lower caffeine content and is well-tolerated by even the most sensitive stomachs.

Japanese Farm-direct

From connoisseur to novice tea-drinker, co-founder Dr. Andrew Weil personally selected this Matcha Genmaicha as a Japanese Farm-direct tea that everyone can enjoy.

Typical Serving Size

1tsp (~4g) with 1cup (~250ml) of hot water (158-194F), brew 15-60sec; about 25 servings in this 100g size product


Farm-direct, sourced exclusively from Uji, Kyoto region of Japan

Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea

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