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Premium Hand-made Japanese Chawan

Made in Japan, each chawan is unique and one of a kind. Carefully curated from potters across Japan with a family lineage producing the finest ceremonial matcha bowls.

This selection of ceremonial matcha bowls is the result of a carefully-curated network of Japanese artisans, each from a family with a long lineage of matcha ceramics work.

The craftsmen embody mindfulness and genuine technique to produce these chawans of the very highest caliber. From each region of the island, these bowls represent some of the rarest clay-types found within Japan

Ceremonial Matcha Bowl

In each style you can feel the well-balanced and durable character, the even glaze, and the sense of presence which each potter has poured into them.

All of our matcha bowls are hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind, each with their own variations of pattern and color. 

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*No two alike. For a given style the specific pattern you will receive slightly varies, a true mark of authenticity. All matcha bowls carefully tested to be residual free and food safe. Limited supplies. You can also browse our Daily Matcha Bowls here

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Preparing the perfect bowl of matcha

Making matcha can be fun and surprisingly easy! You can do a more traditional preparation, or a convenient one if you're busy. Here's quick steps anyone can use:


Heat water in a kettle until steam first appears; this will be well below boiling, about 180°F. Turn off heat.


Use a tea scoop or 1tsp to measure matcha and sift into a bowl to prevent clumps.


Add 2-4oz of water for desired consistency.


Use a Whisk or a frother Frother to mix the matcha with water.


Sip and enjoy.