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Ceremonial Grade Organic Superior Matcha

Available in 30g and 80g

Sweet, rich flavor. Our Superior Matcha is the finest organic green tea powder available, carefully selected for its sweet, rich flavor and deep natural green color.

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Our Organic Superior Matcha is the finest organic ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder available. Excellent grade of drinking matcha. 

It was carefully selected for its sweet, rich flavor as well as deep natural green color. It's best enjoyed as a drinking matcha. It's also ideal for a latte, or in a drink recipe of your choice.   

 *due to high demand, please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping

Flavor Profile

Our Superior Matcha was carefully selected for it subtle umami taste, creamy texture, and silky froth.

Caffeine Level

One serving of matcha contains between 40 and 80 mg of caffeine.

Harvested in Japan

Our teas are grown on the pristine hillsides of Uji in the Kyoto region.

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