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Traditional Accessory Set

For those serious about their matcha. 

Great opportunity to get all of the right accessories right from the beginning, or even replace lost or old ones.

This set comes with either the black sifter, or the red sifter.

Pair with your choice of Matcha bowl to complete your matcha ritual.


      • Traditional Sifter Tin - Ideal for a daily matcha practice, its air-tight fit is perfect for storage and saves time by securely sifting matcha all at once. Holds up to 80g of matcha powder.
      • Matcha Tea Scoop - Handmade, traditional measuring spoon for the correct amount of matcha, every time. Made using a single piece of fine bamboo.
      • Bamboo Matcha Whisk - Inspired from 1,000 years of Japanese Tea Ritual, this hand-made whisk is essential to whip up that daily bowl of matcha! Each whisk is hand-made from a single piece of bamboo and is critical in practicing the art of matcha

*Drying after cleaning is recommended to prevent rust on the sifter tin
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Preparing the perfect bowl of matcha

Making matcha can be fun and surprisingly easy! You can do a more traditional preparation, or a convenient one if you're busy. Here's quick steps anyone can use:


Heat water in a kettle until steam first appears; this will be well below boiling, about 180°F. Turn off heat.


Use a tea scoop or 1tsp to measure matcha and sift into a bowl to prevent clumps.


Add 2-4oz of water for desired consistency.


Use a Whisk or a frother Frother to mix the matcha with water.


Sip and enjoy.

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