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Hojicha Tea Powder - Organic Roasted Hojicha Powder

Japanese Farm-direct Hojicha Powder is one of the most elegant ways to enjoy the versatility of green tea.

This USDA Organic roasted hojicha green tea powder is made from finely ground green tea grown in the finest tea farming region of Japan.

We're proud of our relationship with Japan's most prodigious tea farmers, who are able to produce the very best hojicha powder.

USDA Organic Roasted Hojicha Powder

USDA Organic Roasted Hojicha Powder is a straightforward way to enjoy the natural sweetness and rustic aroma of this roasted form of green tea powder.

Our Hojicha Powder is truly an authentic experience of Japanese fine teas. The dark, wooden-colored roasted powder makes for a unique perspective on lattes, baking, and even sprinkling on culinary dishes.

Hojicha Roasted Tea Powder represents a powerful history of tea-drinking in Japan. For more than a century this specialty tea has been produced by careful process of steaming, rolling, and drying to become Hojicha Loose-leaf tea.

Then, it is delicately milled into a wonderful roasted powder – ideal for distinct tasting notes like chocolate and earth – while superior for its smoothness to the palate.

Common uses include: creamy lattes, dessert infusions, plain drinking, ice creams, and hojicha powder for baking and much more!

Typical Serving

1tsp (~1.5 g) per 1cup (~250ml) of hot –180F – water.

About 67 servings per container

Ingredients: 100% Japanese Farm-direct roasted organic green tea powder (Hojicha)*

*Certified Organic by OCIA Japan

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