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Japanese Farm-direct Hojicha Loose-leaf Tea

Loose-leaf Hojicha Green Tea is one, truly artisanal offering available exclusively from, freshly harvested from Uji, Kyoto.

Earthen, smoky aromatics define this world-class Loose-leaf Hojicha Tea. Only a short list of prestigious tea-farmers in Japan are recognized for producing this level of loose-leaf hojicha.

Golden Harvest – Hojicha Tea Powder

Selected from the same quality of potent and pure whole green tea leaves, this unique Japanese loose-leaf tea becomes Hojicha through a delicate roasting process.

Personally chosen by co-founder Dr. Andrew Weil for the vibrant, wooden aromatics imparted through the roasting process, and the smooth-to-sip composition.


Popularly, hojicha loose-leaf tea from Japan is enjoyed with or following a meal, and is generally thought gentler on the stomach.

The lower caffeine content makes it an appropriate option for those interested in premium Japanese teas, as an evening beverage as well as to start the day.

It's said to be enjoyed by all ages, young and elderly, and is renowned for health properties of catechin antioxidants, calming L-theanine, and as a source of pure nutrition.

Typical Serving

1tbsp (5-6g) with 1cup (~250ml) of hot water (180-212F), brew 1-3min; about 20 servings in this 100g size product


Pure and potent from Uji, Kyoto – Japanese Farm-direct

Ingredients: 100% Japanese Green Tea Hojicha Leaves

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