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Japanese Loose-leaf Tencha Leaves – Private Reserve

From the Private Reserve, these Tencha Leaves are direct from the tea-fields of Uji, Japan.

Quality above all else, our loose-leaf tencha represents the savory and energizing complexion of matcha – all from the whole-leaf form.

What is Tencha?

Before matcha becomes matcha, it is tencha. The same careful labor, mindfulness, and hand-picked character of our Uji Matcha is poured into these Tencha Leaves – to be enjoyed as a more conventionally steeped tea.

Tencha is naturally high in antioxidants, L-theanine (the calming amino-acid) and has energizing levels of caffeine (about 30mg/g). Similar to Gyokuro, although Tencha leaves are not rolled during the drying process.

Matcha Experience in a Steeped Tea

Our Loose-leaf Tencha Leaves are a great segue for the conventional steeped-tea drinker to experience the power of matcha, and vice versa.

Vegetal flavors, full umami complexion, and the floral aromatics truly define this very-most premium Uji Tencha from Japan.

Typical Serving Size

3tbsp (7-8g) with 1cup (~250ml) of hot water (140-158F), brew 1.5 – 2.5min; about 14 servings in this 100g size product


Farm-direct, sourced exclusively from Uji, Kyoto region of Japan

Ingredients: 100% Japanese Green Tea Tencha Leaves

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