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The tea masters of old used koicha, or thick, matcha in traditional tea ceremonies. Today's tea masters also use koicha as a way to keep the beauty and ritual of ancient traditions alive and as an immersive experience unto itself.

Our thick matcha powder delivers a superior ceremonial grade tea that lives up to ancient tradition. Our Premium Ceremonial Master's Blend comes from the hills of Uji in Kyoto, Japan. This ceremonial grade matcha is grown, harvested, and meticulously selected for a full-bodied umami flavor.

For a superior grade, creamy and slightly sweet flavor, try our Ceremonial Grade Matcha. Also grown and harvested in the hills of Uji, our Ceremonial Grade Matcha is one of the finest matcha teas anywhere in the world, paying homage to the ancient Samurai and Zen monks of old.

Create your very own morning ritual with our ceremonial grade Morning Ritual Matcha. A crisply sweet yet bold flavor gives you the perfect combination of energy and mind boosting nutrients without the midmorning crash and jitters you get from coffee.

Or, savor the sweet, rich flavor of our Organic Superior Matcha. Perfect for the tea ceremony or an everyday pick-me-up, you'll love our Organic Superior Matcha.