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Matcha Tools

Starter Sets

It's said that no two bowls of matcha green tea are the same. Our Matcha Starter Sets come with all the utensils you'll need to appreciate a matcha moment unique to each day – the perfect means to access an ancient ritual in modern times.

Matcha Basics

Matcha Basics are the essentials to get your matcha ritual running smoothly. Each scoop and whisk is selected and carved from a single piece of bamboo, and each sifter delicately hand-assembled. Tools that honor premium everyday with each bowl of matcha.

Bundles and Upgrades

Our Matcha Bundles are thoughtfully curated with the finest matcha green tea. Upgrade from the basics and infuse this daily practice with modern portability, and a unique take on mindful enjoyment.

Apparel and Gift Cards

We love Godzilla even more now that he is into our Matcha green tea! Even if you don't drink matcha green tea you can still love this play on the famous Kanagawa wave and Godzilla. Also check out our gift card options.

Replace energy drinks and coffee

100% Authentic Stone-ground Matcha

Great For Metabolism