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Official Source for Health Boosting Matcha. Dr. Andrew Weil first fell in love with matcha in Japan back in 1957 and has enjoyed its healing power ever since. He co-founded to be your one-stop for authentic Japanese matcha to fuel your health and happiness.

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It was pleasing to see growing awareness of matcha in America, but we were dismayed by the low qualities available when visiting cafés, tea shops, and restaurants. So, on our following trips to Japan, we purchased small tins of the quality tea to bring home, along with tea bowls, scoops, and whisks. Soon we were in the habit of drinking a bowl of matcha twice a day! Turning loved ones onto it, and leading a growing audience into giving it a try.


Our matcha is primarily produced from tea leaves grown in the region of Japan known as Uji, Kyoto. Through an exclusive relationship with our tea-farm (Japan's oldest and most authentic), we're able to share the most exquisite matcha that Japan has to offer – grown on the purest, most carefully maintained land. And each year, the tea-master specially blends the best leaves into the matcha we enjoy today. Since most of this quality of matcha stays for enjoyment within Japan, we're honored to have the chance to share it with you.

Matcha Tea Powder


We cherish the opportunity to share matcha from Japan’s oldest authentic tea farm. Each year, they produce limited quantities of true Premium Ceremonial Grade quality matcha. We’re grateful to be one of the select few allowed to access their tea, which has been precisely cultivated using the same methods (shading, hand-picking) for nearly a millennium. Passed down each generation, the same family has cared for the farm for more than half that time – offering an essential balance of cost point, calming energy, and health benefits**.

High Levels of Health Boosting Antioxidants

With your health in mind, we test our matcha for potency of the antioxidants you count on (like EGCG). These are widely believed to be the reason behind Japanese green tea's deep health properties, and even may possess anti-inflammatory properties:

Nutritional (w/ Antioxidants) (3) Method Specification Result
Nutritional Potency Panel Eurofins - Mixed Mixed Pass
Catechin M903W As Detected 5,190 μg/g
CG, GA, GC, GG M903W As Detected NMT 4.99 μg/g
Epicatechin M903W As Detected 3,710 μg/g
Epicatechin Gallate M903W As Detected 10,200 μg/g
Epigallocatechin M903W As Detected 9,420 μg/g
Epigallocatechin Gallate M903W As Detected 45,900 μg/g

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Frequently Asked Questions

Green Tea Matcha Explained

What is Matcha? Matcha Tea Explained

Matcha is the ultimate form of green tea in the whole world. It comes exclusively from Japan, where the benefits of matcha are strongest due to the special climate and cultivation techniques.

How to Make Matcha? Preparing Matcha Teas

Here's a detailed video on how to make matcha.
1. To preserve the health benefits of matcha, also known as powder matcha, the water temperature must not be too hot. 2. Start by heating water in a stovetop or electric kettle. Heat to a simmer, the temperature should be about 175 F°. Pour about 4oz of hot water into a matcha bowl and dip your bamboo whisk (chasen). 3. Pour out the water and dry, before placing your sifter (furui) over the matcha bowl. Use your bamboo scoop (chashaku), measure out 3 scoops of the matcha green tea powder, and sift. 4. Then, add 1/4cup of the heated water and whisk the matcha powder to create a froth by using a back and forth whisking action. 5. Now, sip and enjoy!

Is Matcha a Green Tea Powder?

You've probably asked yourself Is green tea matcha? The truth is matcha green tea powder is one of the most concentrated tea powders in the world, and it's not just green tea either. In fact, the range of matcha green teas rank highly for overall antioxidants and the matcha ORAC rating, especially the ceremonial grades. However, no matter the matcha you choose, you'll get more antioxidant health benefits than you ever would compared to green tea.