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The Matcha Challenge

Ready to feel amazing? We dare you!

Why is the Challenge 30-Days?

A lot can happen in a month, but it’s an easy measure of how you’ll feel before and after. The mood-boost and health benefits of matcha kick-in starting Day 1, but leading research says 30-90 days to start maximizing those benefits.

What do I have to do?

All you have to do is keep it real! Have fun, be authentic, and explore new ways to drink matcha for at least 30-days. We do ask that you participate socially in a couple fun and easy ways(?).

Sign-up for 30 Days!

Post about your matcha once every couple days

Leave a Review

Complete a Final

These activities are an opportunity to get close to matcha, and frame it as a part of your everyday lifestyle. Don’t worry, we’ll be in touch along the way. Just check your email, that’s where you’ll receive your special discount code, and where we’ll remind you how to join the fun! Active participants get a chance as “Challenger of the Month” in our newsletter.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. If you’re approved, we trust that you’ll use that matcha discount for good(?)! If you drop-out of the challenge before completing each activity, you simply won’t be eligible for future discounts or reward opportunities.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Challenge Guidelines

Challenge Guidelines

Matcha is a great lifestyle and health amplifier, and we’re more than happy to provide discounts to those willing to help introduce matcha to more people. It’s a great way to cut your costs for a month (or more) and help others around live happier!

All activities are standardized to Instagram, if you’re participating through an approved, alternate social platform, please contribute in the closest equivalent(s):


[1] At least three (3) feed posts each week OR five (5) story posts. We take special note for video content!

[2] We’ll reach out with a reminder to leave a review for each product ordered with your discount code. Please follow these links and leave honest reviews! We appreciate it.

[3] First-time Challengers are expected to submit a short, 1-3min video which demonstrates matcha’s place in their lifestyle. You can frame matcha in your daily routine, as a coffee alternative, in modern settings, pre/post-workouts, and much more! Please submit this on IGTV, and by direct download if we ask.

[4] Recommend at least one new person to apply for the challenge. Each successful challenger who you inspire to participate will earn you added discounts, matcha swag, and more. Keep an eye out for our email, it’ll walk you throw a couple easy steps to invite friends and family.

We may incentivize particular forms of engagement, platforms, or individuals in exclusive ways.. Keep an eye out for our emails if you don’t want to miss out.

How we keep track: If you’re approved, we’ll use your sign-up email to correspond. These emails may ask you for links, descriptions, or other substantiating material of your participation. Please open these emails and respond, we make it easy to keep up! It’s your responsibility to look for these emails, and if we don’t hear from you, you may lose eligibility for continued perks beyond the initial discount code. It’s an honor system, don’t blow it for others.

Don’t Mix your Matcha: Does it go without saying? We strive to steer our Matcha Fam, and especially our Matcha Challengers from wandering elsewhere. We do that by sourcing only the world’s best matcha, so if you do happen to question your favorite brand, we kindly ask you do-so without our mention. Do not place our matcha, products, or tags alongside other brands in social materials.

Going for Gold:

Leading research tells us that matcha needs to be consumed 1-2 times a day, for at least 3 months for ALL of the benefits.

See here if you Qualify, and don’t forget to choose “GOLD” on your application!

Matcha Challenge Qualifications

Our job is to change the minds of people who think of matcha for special occasions, while saving coffee for the daily drinking. Qualified participants will receive 3 months of reduced costs (1 discount/month):

  • Minimum 5k social following or monthly website visitors
  • Duties persist into 90 days. Additional requirement includes a 2-5min IGTV upload, showcasing how you’ve been doing matcha. Get creative! (Preparation, morning ritual, pre-workout, post-workout)

Qualified applicants wishing to participate should check-mark “Gold” on their application. Once approved, you’ll receive a monthly discount code via email

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