Complete 2-person Matcha Kit with Organic Matcha
Complete 2-person Matcha Kit with Organic Matcha
Complete 2-person Matcha Kit with Organic Matcha
Complete 2-person Matcha Kit with Organic Matcha
Complete 2-person Matcha Kit with Organic Matcha
Complete 2-person Matcha Kit with Organic Matcha

Complete 2-person Matcha Kit with Organic Matcha

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Ceramic Color

Complete Matcha Kit for 2 People, including Ceremonial Organic Matcha.
This Organic Matcha 2-Person Starter Set is the perfect way to start (or continue with) daily matcha drinking! This 2-person matcha kit is designed so you can team up 
with a family member OR partner to add even greater enjoyment as you share this daily ritual.

This "Tea for Two" kit is also perfect gift for all types of couples! It's specially curated to contain one of our highest grades of organic ceremonial matcha, all you have to do is choose your favorite color bowls/cups and the mixing style you want!

Leaning towards the electric frother? You'll receive two (2x) beautiful, Japanese-made Matcha Tumblers (drinking cups) to mix up daily matcha in for you and them.

Feeling more like whisking? Your kit will come with your choice of (2x) Japanese-made Matcha Bowls which are lovely for you AND them to sip creamy ceremonial matcha from everyday. 

What is in the 2-Person Kit?

Each accessory is hand-crafted and inspired by the matcha tea ceremony from Japan:

Ceremonial Organic Matcha - The kit comes with our Superior Organic grade of matcha, in the 80g/80 serving size to help jumpstart a matcha ritual for more than one person. That's about a ~1.5 month supply!  

Mixing Tool & Drinking Vessels - Choose from matcha bowls, or a matcha drinking cups. All of our ceramics are 100% Japanese-made using premium food grade clay/glaze.

Japanese-made Natsume (Tea Caddy) - This matcha kit comes with an elegantly crafted, 100% authentic lacquer tea caddy (in the Shining Silver color-way). Traditionally designed, this caddy is a truly beautiful, easy-access container to hold your daily matcha. 

Matcha Tea Scoop - Scoop yourself (and them) the perfect amount of matcha, every time! Made from all natural bamboo :)

Matcha Tea Sifter - This stainless-steel sieve is specially made for the fine particle size of ceremonial matcha tea.

Mixing Utensil - Achieve the perfect matcha froth with the traditional Bamboo Whisk, or the Electric Frother. The choice is yours!

Whisk Holder - If you're choosing the 'Bowls & Whisk' style, you'll also receive a Whisk Holder to help your whisk keep its shape and remain clean & safe so you both can continue to enjoy matcha for a long time to come!

FAQ: How does it work with Matcha Prime?

Want to order with Matcha Prime™? Go for it! Your future auto-ships will contain just the Superior Organic Ceremonial Matcha 80g container for $75.65 (the prime member price) until you pause or cancel at any time. That's a 15% savings on future shipments compared to full price.

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The Guarantee

Like you, our co-founder Dr. Weil is equally picky about what he's putting in his body. It took years for to create our matcha-growing collective in Japan to develop what our customers often call "The Purest and most potent matcha on the planet!

What makes our Matcha Best


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Joe Rogan Drinks Matcha Tea
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Our Guarantee

The Excellence of Uji-Matcha®

What Makes our Matcha Best?

Our matcha is primarily produced from tea leaves grown in the region of Japan known as Uji, Kyoto. Through an exclusive relationship with our tea-farm (Japan's oldest and most authentic), we're able to share the most exquisite matcha that Japan has to offer – grown on the purest, most carefully maintained land. And each year, the tea-master specially blends the best leaves into the matcha we enjoy today. Since most of this quality of matcha stays for enjoyment within Japan, we're honored to have the chance to share it with you.

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