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Farm-direct Japanese Gyokuro Loose-leaf Tea

We call our Farm-direct Gyokuro "Tea's Elixir" because it is an ultimate essence of green tea.

In health benefits, in bold savory flavor, in grassy and sprite aroma, and perhaps most keenly the rich emerald hue.

The renowned quality of green tea leaves grown in the region of Uji, Kyoto is fully present in this Japanese-direct loose-leaf Gyokuro. 

Unique from other super-premium green tea leaves like Tencha due to the precision 'rolling' of the tea during the drying process, Gyokuro is visually distinct for it's full-leaf needle shape.

One of the Rarest Green Teas

Gyokuro is perhaps the rarest form of premium green tea leaves from Japan, and is produced by intense shading during the final period of seasonal, pre-harvest growth.

This traditional cultivation technique increases total amino-acid content, chlorophyll, and the more pleasant grassy-umami flavor. Furthermore, it contains about 30mg of caffeine per 1g serving, making it one of the most energizing green teas to be freshly imported from Uji, Kyoto Japan.

Typical Serving Size

3tsp (~8g) with 1cup (~250ml) of hot water (122-140F), brew 2 – 3min; about 13 servings in this 100g size product


Japanese Tea-farm Direct (Uji, Kyoto region)

Ingredients: 100% Japanese Green Tea Gyokuro Leaves

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