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Hojicha Tea Bags | Japanese Roasted Green Tea-bags

The pleasant roasted flavor of Hojicha comes from gentle pan-roasting of the tea leaves, imbuing a light, smoky, yet subtly sweet complexion.

The roasting process to produce Hojicha Tea results in reduced caffeine content and a total smoothness unlike that of other Japanese green teas. With very little bitterness, hojicha is often enjoyed before and after meals – even after dinner.

Freshly harvested from Uji, the prestigious center of tea-growing in Japan, our Hojicha is 100% Farm-direct. Renowned for earthen aroma, smooth-to-sip composition, and health promoting properties.

How to Brew

Each tea bag contains 3g of tea, and is intended to make an 8oz (~250ml) serving of green tea. To prepare the Hojicha Tea, steep one (1) tea-bag for 1-3min at 190-212F. Also, consider the deliciousness of an overnight cold-brew!

Plant-based Tea-bags (100% biodegradable)

Our mesh tea bags are made from a plant-based and food-safe material, and are 100% biodegradable.

Servings per Box and Nutrient Content

Each box contains 15 tea-bags, each with 3g of tea inside. Many people choose to use a tea-bag for multiple brews; each bag can be brewed as many times as fits your preference.

L-theanine: 13mg; Catechin Antioxidants: 310mg

100% Japanese Green Tea (roasted)


Japanese Tea-farm Direct – Roasted Green Tea (Uji, Kyoto region)

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