NEW: Japanese Aged Black Ginger | Instant-dissolving Tea
NEW: Japanese Aged Black Ginger | Instant-dissolving Tea
NEW: Japanese Aged Black Ginger | Instant-dissolving Tea
NEW: Japanese Aged Black Ginger | Instant-dissolving Tea

NEW: Japanese Aged Black Ginger | Instant-dissolving Tea

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Aged Black Ginger Tea, Crafted in Japan, Instant-dissolving, Naturally Potent & Bioavailable

Lovingly grown & aged in Japan, our Aged Black Ginger is one of the best sources of Shogaol, a lesser-known natural compound of ginger. Shogaol is believed to improve circulation, leaving you with a pleasant sensation of whole-body warmth known as "poka-poka" (in Japanese) which can be enjoyed ANY time of day or night.

According to some studies, this special ginger possesses 300-500x the shogaol content compared to regular ginger! Enjoy hot or cold - add to anything - even a small amount will warm you to the core!

"Aged Black Ginger is more pungent than regular ginger with greater anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties."  Dr. Andrew Weil

Shogaol is a type of polyphenol naturally produced by ginger and is one of the compounds responsible for the familiar ginger flavor. Our Aged Black Ginger is mild yet complex in flavor, and is highly enjoyable as an instant tea or even a "Matcha Add-in!" 

It's one of the most uniquely delicious products we've ever tasted & you absolutely have to try it for yourself!

How our Aged Black Ginger is Made in Japan

Our artisan partner producers in Japan craft this special ginger through a number of tedious steps. The ginger is grown on a family farm in Kagoshima, where it is also steam-dried and aged. This steam-dry aging is scientifically studied to significantly increase shogaol content by ~300-500x the concentration than regular fresh ginger; the moist heat, specifically, triggers much more of this healthy compound.

After the steam-drying, the black ginger is put through a longer aging process, and ultimately is processed and packed in Okinawa to produce our proprietary instantly-dissolving granules which allows you to enjoy this potent health booster as an instant tea! Just like our Okinawan Fermented Turmeric, no additives or processing aids are used. Aged Black Ginger starts off as a striking purple root, and through the steam-drying & aging process becomes a darker, coffee-esque color.

How to Use & Serving Size

Just like matcha, our Aged Black Ginger is extremely versatile, and can be enjoyed on its own OR just as easily added to your daily matcha or turmeric, smoothie, juice, or you name it! It takes only moments to mix with water, or a latte! The choice is yours :)

  • A minimum serving of Aged Black Ginger is 1g (about 1/2tsp) 

Benefits of Aged Black Ginger

Ginger is widely studied for its therapeutic properties, but most ginger products are relatively low in the naturally-occurring shogaol. Dr. Weil suggests that this black ginger is both more anti-inflammatory and greater in antioxidants than regular ginger.

The natural compounds found in Aged Black Ginger are further supported by new research, some of which demonstrates mechanisms of action in the body which appear to have more potent effects for our wellness, conferring benefits that regular ginger cannot. Aged Black Ginger may also possibly fight against metabolic syndromes (e.g. diabetes), as well as anti-inflammatory & cardio-protective properties. 


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