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Japanese Loose-leaf Tea Strainer – Stainless Steel

Made in Japan. Stainless Steel. 2.5" Loose-leaf Tea Strainer.

You can now brew your fine Japanese Loose-leaf teas with total ease! This tea strainer is a ball-shaped infuser with a 'quick action' open-and-close latch.

Featuring a special mesh sizing suitable for a wide-range of Japanese teas, including: Sencha, Tencha, Gyokuro, Hojicha, and Matcha Genmaicha.

The ample length chain-hook makes this tool versatile and functional with virtually any brewing pot, bowl, or cup.


Highest quality 304 Stainless-steel only means that this must-have utensil is safe from rust and other decays.

Hot and cold safe. 2.5" Diameter for any size brew, whether just for you or a whole group.

Loose-leaf Tea Strainer is also suitable for herbal beverages and other tease such as white or oolong.

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