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Japanese-made Kyusu and Tea-pot Set | Japanese Loose-leaf Tea Set

100% Made in Japan using premium, high-quality, residual free clay.

This Japanese-made Kyusu and Tea Cup Set is the complete solution to the daily enjoyment of any Japanese Loose-leaf tea, popular for formal tea preparation, as well as more casual enjoyment – available in two styles

How to use

Step 1: Start by boiling fresh water in a separate kettle. Allow to slightly cool
Step 2: Add your Japanese Loose-leaf Tea
Step 3: Add your hot water – a rule of thumb measurement is approximately 1tsp of loose-leaf tea for every 200-250ml of hot water
Step 4: Allow to brew with the Kyusu's lid in place, generally 1-2min but depends on the tea
Step 5: Serve and enjoy! Secure the Kyusu's lid as you pour

Size and What's in Each Set

Black Clay Set

– The Kyusu pot is 250ml, and each cup is 120ml

– The set comes with one (1) Kyusu Pot , and two (2) matching tea cups.

Blue Clay Set

– The Kyusu pot is 450ml, and each cup is 50ml

– The set comes with one (1) Kyusu Pot , and two (2) matching tea cups.

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