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Japanese Sencha Loose-leaf Green Tea Leaves – Uji-direct

Japanese Sencha Loose-leaf Green Tea is arguably the most widely enjoyed green tea in Japan. Nevertheless, the artisanal premium quality offered here is far above conventional grades.

Sourced directly from the renowned tea-growing area of Uji, this region of Japan is where heirloom tea cultivars and ideal climate come together for the seasonal harvest of sencha leaves.

Mountain Spring Tea – Farm-direct Sencha

Hand-picked, steamed, rolled, and dried – our premium sencha leaves are left in stronger sunshine, producing crisp tannins and a distinguished energizing effect due to high levels of the amino-acid L-theanine.

Furthermore, rich soil and careful tending-by-hand means that this Farm-direct Sencha is full in flavor, whole-bodied and with balanced umami.

The bold aroma and vibrant green immediately meet the senses, with flavor vegetal and grassy, yet bolder than that of gyokuro or tencha leaves – for many a defining preference.

This Japanese Farm-direct Sencha is produced exclusively from first-harvest (i.e. first flush) tea leaves, harvested between the months of April and May.

Typical Serving

1tsp (~4g) with 1cup (~250ml) of hot water (158-176F), brew 60sec; about 25 servings in this 100g size product


Highest quality Sencha from Uji, the Kyoto region of Japan

Ingredients: 100% Japanese Farm-direct Green Tea Sencha Leaves

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