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Japanese Tea Cups – 2pc Set | 100% Made in Japan Authentic Tea Cups | 5 Styles

Authentic and durable. Various styles of premium Japanese clay tea cups.

Bring joy into your daily Japanese tea drinking! These authentic tea cups are 100% Japanese made, produced from residual free, premium quality clay directly in Japan.

Each style of tea cup comes as a set of two (2) cups. Please note your preferred style, as well as the serving size of each cup.

Dimensions (select variant below to see picture)

– Pearl White each cup is 210ml, comes with two tea cups

– Black Clay each cup is 120ml, comes with two tea cups

– Blue Clay each cup is 50ml, comes with two tea cups

– White Clay each cup is 120ml, comes with two tea cups

– Earthen Clay each cup is 130ml, comes with two tea cups

Regular price $44.00

Preparing the perfect bowl of matcha

Making matcha can be fun and surprisingly easy! You can do a more traditional preparation, or a convenient one if you're busy. Here's quick steps anyone can use:


Heat water in a kettle until steam first appears; this will be well below boiling, about 180°F. Turn off heat.


Use a tea scoop or 1tsp to measure matcha and sift into a bowl to prevent clumps.


Add 2-4oz of water for desired consistency.


Use a Whisk or a frother Frother to mix the matcha with water.


Sip and enjoy.