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Matcha Genmaicha Tea Bags | Japanese Genmaicha Tea-bags

Lightly roasted brown rice is the secret behind Matcha Genmaicha's popularity, and deep history, as a traditional Japanese tea.

Matcha Genmaicha’s widely accessible origins for centuries has made it a universal offering in Japan. Now, it’s since gained international acclaim for surprising its satiating and energizing qualities.

Genmaicha literally translates to mean 'brown rice tea,’ and is remarkably crisp and earthy. By choosing farm-direct, our Matcha Genmaicha is deeper in color, golden-emerald in color, and packed with concentrated nutrients to bring health to an even kilter.

How to Brew

Each tea bag contains 3g of tea, and is intended to make an 8oz (~250ml) serving of green tea. To prepare the Matcha Genmaicha, steep one (1) tea-bag for ~15-30sec at a temperature range of 158-194F. Also consider the deliciousness of an overnight cold-brew!

Plant-based Tea-bags (100% biodegradable)

Our mesh tea bags are made from a plant-based and food-safe material, and are 100% biodegradable.

Servings per Box and Nutrient Content

Each box contains 15 tea-bags, each with 3g of tea inside. Many people choose to use a tea-bag for multiple brews; each bag can be brewed as many times as fits your preference.

L-theanine: 11mg; Catechin Antioxidants: 330mg

100% Japanese Matcha Genmaicha (green tea and rice)


Japanese Tea-farm Direct with heirloom ingredients (Uji, Kyoto region)

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