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Matcha Tea Bowl

Single item included; bowls are handcrafted and individualized; therefore, choice selection is not available

All of our matcha bowls are hand-selected and handmade by local artisans in regions throughout Japan.

Holding a matcha bowl (chawan) in your hands and raising it to your lips to sip a small portion of emerald green matcha is a true delight. The aesthetic beauty of a matcha bowl comes from its colors, patterns, and seasonal designs. Traditionally in Japan, matcha bowls are chosen by the shape of the bowl, the contours of the sides of the bowl, how the foot ring is styled, how the tea bowl relates to other tea-making objects in the grouping, and the overall presence of the chawan on the tea table. All in all, the aesthetics of chawans vary from potter to potter, and for the user, the choice of which tea bowl to use reflects a mood or seasonal occasion.


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