Tenchi Ceremonial Organic. Tea. Tenchi Ceremonial Organic. Tea. Tenchi Ceremonial Organic. Tea. Tenchi Ceremonial Organic. Tea. Tenchi Ceremonial Organic. Tea.

Tenchi Ceremonial Organic

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Tenchi is truly special as the world's finest organic ceremonial matcha, its name inspired from the balance found between heaven and Earth.

Only harvested once a year during the earliest part of spring, it is produced by the oldest and most famous tea farm in all of Japan.

With well-balanced, sweet and full flavor otherwise found exclusively in non-organic matcha, Tenchi's cultivation requires that each stone-ground leaf receive the absolute highest level of attention — the perfect blend of ancient cultivation techniques and modern agricultural science.

Due to the special farming techniques, the tea leaves focus their energy at the top of the tea plant to produce wider, greener tea leaves.

This enhances the nutrition and nootropic properties, crafted to deliver more health benefits than any other organic matcha:

  • Polyphenols
  • Antioxidants
  • L-theanine

We're honored to be able to offer the world's best tasting organic matcha.

Supplies are very limited, offered only a first come, first serve basis.
**Due to extremely high demand, both sizes of Tenchi are in limited supply.**

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The Guarantee

Like you, our co-founder Dr. Weil is equally picky about what he's putting in his body. It took years for to create our matcha-growing collective in Japan to develop what our customers often call "The Purest and most potent matcha on the planet!

What makes our Matcha Best


Matcha Powder featured in Techcrunch featured in Forbes
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Wow! What is it??

Joe Rogan Drinks Matcha Tea
Joe Rogan

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Our Guarantee

The Excellence of Uji-Matcha®

What Makes our Matcha Best?

Our matcha is primarily produced from tea leaves grown in the region of Japan known as Uji, Kyoto. Through an exclusive relationship with our tea-farm (Japan's oldest and most authentic), we're able to share the most exquisite matcha that Japan has to offer – grown on the purest, most carefully maintained land. And each year, the tea-master specially blends the best leaves into the matcha we enjoy today. Since most of this quality of matcha stays for enjoyment within Japan, we're honored to have the chance to share it with you.

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