The 5 Best Matcha Green Tea Mocktails

The 5 Best Matcha Green Tea Mocktails

Whether you’ve committed to dry January or you’re looking for a delicious drink sans the hangover, we’ve got you covered with this roundup of the five best matcha mocktail recipes. Non-alcoholic doesn’t have to mean no fun! In fact, mocktails have been picking up steam as a way for people to de-stress after a long day or as a enjoy a night out with friends just minus the alcohol. Mocktails can also be just as versatile and sophisticated as a regular cocktail. With these delicious mocktails, you won’t feel like you’re missing out one bit- you may just feel a bit better the next day. That’s a win in our books!

The best matcha mocktails you can make and matcha mocktail recipes

Alcohol has numerous effects on the body so opting for a mocktail or cutting back on alcohol can be a great way to save money and maybe even improve other areas of your life such as sleep and mental and physical health. Studies show that reducing alcohol can lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss, reduce the risk of liver disease and improve productivity.

Keep reading to find out our five favorite matcha mocktails that everyone can enjoy:

1. Melon Matcha Mocktail

This melon matcha mocktail couldn’t be easier to prepare and is as refreshing as it is delicious. With the added bonus of both matcha AND melon you get a double hit of antioxidants while also replenishing electrolytes. It’s light and fruity and has just a hint of spice from ginger simple syrup. While the OG recipe calls for adding vodka, skip it for a delicious mocktail version. Trust us, you won’t miss it!Melon matcha mocktail

Try our melon matcha mocktail!

 2. Tart Berry Matcha Cooler

 This berry matcha cooler combines blueberries, strawberries and matcha for a unique and delicious taste with just the right amount of fizz to make it fun. It also looks absolutely beautiful with the addition of matcha ice cubes. Perfect for a celebration!Tart berry cooler mocktail

Tart Berry Matcha Cooler 

 3. Matcha Mule

Mules are one of our favorite cocktails. Our take on a matcha mule without the alcohol is a chic alternative to the classic. It’s refreshing, light and very easy to sip on. Trust us, you'll want more than one!Matcha Mule

Matcha Mule Recipe

 4. Iced Lychee Matcha Refresher

If you’re looking for a jaw-dropping mocktail look no further than our lychee matcha refresher. It’s absolutely stunning and worthy of any celebration, big or small. Lychees are a fruit that are sweet and juicy. They also happen to pair well with matcha! This mocktail is light, tangy and fragrant.Iced lycee matcha refresher

Try our Iced Lychee Matcha Refresher 

 5. Matcha Mojito

This non-alcoholic version of the traditional Cuban cocktail comes with a great twist- matcha! A matcha mojito strikes the perfect balance between tart, sweet and earthy. Just prepared, you’ll probably want to make a whole pitcher worth! While the original recipe calls for 1 ½ oz rum, it’s easily skipped.

Matcha mojito mocktail

Matcha Mojito Recipe 



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