CBD: A Curious Matcha Mix?

CBD: A Curious Matcha Mix?

These are interesting times. New products are on the market everyday for fitness, longevity, brain function -- anything you can think of. Some are synthetic. Some, entirely natural. Even certain foods are being marketed in these new ways. 

The market gives us more choices than ever. As we learn, it’s interesting how some of these ‘new’ health trends actually have some of the oldest roots. If not matcha, certainly one example is the rise of CBD. Short for cannabidiol, this cannabis extract has (largely) overcome decades of resistance (FDA, politics). 

It’s also one of many old-world remedies undergoing a modern resurgence. It’s now available in creams, tinctures, infusions, and more. There’s a lot of ways to use it, and it’s one of the more influential in spearheading change. It represents divergence from the status quo. Including how natural compounds are used, and how they are regulated (not mentioning psychedelics). 

Great Potential

CBD isn’t psychoactive. But it’s insightful to the path our collective health is choosing. We can take a step back and develop an educated perspective. Other rising health-optimizers included, like matcha, but also tonic asian mushrooms and other adaptogens (turmeric, ginseng). 

At least with CBD, you’ve seen the storefronts popping up. Many with signs claiming good health or amazing results. Either way, with a bit of guidance you won’t succumb to misinformation (or poor quality). Instead we can amplify the benefits available to us by choosing wisely. 

Natural Health Options

Most CBD today comes directly from hemp, a strain of cannabis with a long history of industrial uses like fiber and fuel, and agriculture (cooking oils, nutritious seeds). Yet, in any evolving market we should practice caution. Studies have evaluated common inaccuracy in potency vs. what’s on the label. Safety is essential, so be sure to source products with good manufacturing practices. [1] 

Dr. Andrew Weil has likened the history of the CBD-rich hemp plant as the ‘dog of the plant kingdom.’ This highlights a distinct co-evolution with human culture and survival. Ethnobotanists report human textiles (even topical concentrates) made from hemp as far back as history will take us. Much like matcha green tea

The key remains finding balance between exciting benefits and conflicting info. Avoid turning a blind-eye, the resurgence of products like matcha and CBD is essential to the future of wellness. Some communities have already taken to experimenting with different blends and ‘home-made elixirs’ which combine these time-tested products. 

Intuitive Fuel

Maybe most defining how often these are simple additions to the daily routine. They fuel health and happiness. Particularly now when people steer away from complete reliance of western medicine. 

This evolving audience is handling health in a new way. In some cases with only a couple, simple additions to their daily routine. Stretching, meditation, health foods, etc... 

Integrative health demonstrates that sometimes the simplest of daily changes can improve our long-term health, reduce stress, and (arguably) help prevent disease. CBD and matcha are two of similar influence. Each with long histories, and time-vetted safety. Best yet, they’re also great alternatives to more common pick-me-ups like coffee. 

Like CBD, matcha is a great alternative to sugary energy-drinks too. It offers mental clarity without the crash. Like CBD, it’s also reported to reduce inflammation, and may work against anxiety and depression. It’s exciting that some communities are already combining the two as an effective, daily elixir.

The Bottom Line

As we stress the importance of safe, well-sourced qualities in any new product, we’ve done the same with our matcha. Matcha is grown on centuries-old, traditional tea-farms, only in Japan. 

With some of the strictest agricultural standards in the world, the land is free of pesticides and environmental toxins. And a long lineage of skilled growing techniques provide unparalleled purity and quality

We’re excited to see people experiment by creating daily matcha elixirs (adaptogenic cold-brew, anyone?). We might surprise ourselves with our ingenuity. We’re equipped to fuel our hustle with a bit of intuition. We can choose wisely those natural products to gently aid the day-to-day grind. And most importantly, we can strive to do so in a safe and educated way. 

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