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The Matcha Membership

Delivering the world's best matcha to your door so that you can properly fuel your hustle and save some green.

Enjoy Matcha Member Benefits

Start a Daily Ritual

Your mind and body will thank you. Matcha offers tons of healthy benefits and provides a daily dose of ass-kickery. Samurai drank it everyday and so should you.

Matcha Your Way

Mix and match the matcha products you’d like to receive, pick how often you’d like your order to come, and then forget about it.

Saving in the Process

Subscribers receive 15% off all subscription products and FREE SHIPPING


Do all orders receive 15% off?

Yes! All subscription orders qualify for 15% off and free shipping. That's why we have a 3-order minimum so that we can provide such excellent benefits for our subscribers.

How can I change the products or frequency of my subscription items?

ALL subscription changed must be made online through your account. You'll be able to easily skip, swap, add, and cancel (after 3 orders) as you wish from within your account settings. Just sign into your account to make product or frequency changes.

Will I be charged a fee if I change my subscription before I received my first three shipments?

Again, this is about your personal matcha mix. You won't be charged a fee for making changes to what subscription items you're signed up for. Subscriptions simply require a minimum of 3 recurring orders, which means you can choose a different matcha for each delivery, and even skip months or change ship dates.

Is there a fee to sign up for a subscription?

No, there are no sign up fees. The only charges you will receive are for the products themselves at their discounted prices.

Can I get a MatchaKari subscription if I live outside of the U.S.?

At this time, subscription services are for U.S. residents only.

Are all products available for the subscription program?

You can order any tea item under our subscription plan.

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