Feed Your Podcast Obsession with Dr. Weil’s Most Memorable Interviews

Feed Your Podcast Obsession with Dr. Weil’s Most Memorable Interviews

You just can’t beat a morning routine filled with matcha, movement, and an inspiring podcast. Whether you prefer to run to the beat of new information or flow it out with fresh motivation, you’ll love these conversations featuring the man, the myth, the matcha legend, Dr. Andrew Weil

It’s not just the world of matcha that he knows back to front. Dr. Weil is a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, making him a respected voice on a wide range of topics related to health, wellness, and personal growth. Press play on these value-driven conversations for a major perspective shift, that only further justifies the case for consuming regular matcha! 

The Rich Roll Podcast 

Start strong with a deep dive into holistic health, centered around Dr. Weil’s latest book, “Mind Over Meds.” In this conversation, Dr. Weil shares his honest thoughts on the dangers of over-medication, and the benefits of considering integrative health practices, including breathwork, matcha, and plant-based nutrition. 


The Tim Ferriss Show

Keep the momentum going with renowned lifestyle guru, Tim Ferriss. This episode is brimming with tangible takeaways that you can apply today to reduce stress, boost overall well-being, and maximize longevity. You’ll even catch some insights regarding Dr. Weil’s own daily routine and the habits that keep him healthy and balanced.

The School of Greatness [Lewis Howes]

Embrace the perfect amount of wisdom with a thought-provoking conversation between Dr. Weil and Lewis Howes. Today’s topic: the power of the mind-body connection. Take home Dr. Weil’s top tips for reducing inflammation, plus key diet and lifestyle adjustments for boosting brain function. 

Feel Better, Live More Podcast

Ready to piece this wellness puzzle together? You’ve come to the right place – AKA, a riveting conversation about uniting mind, body, and spirit in pursuit of a happier, healthier existence. Dr. Weil reveals his thoughts on the ketogenic diet and introduces Dr. Rangan Chatterjee to the surprising potential benefits of psychedelics. 

Health Theory Podcast

Still eager for more? Now, be careful how you respond. Words matter, as you’ll find out in this raw discussion regarding the American medical health system (and its flaws), plus the importance of a personalized, patient-centered approach to health care. This, and plenty more insights for revolutionizing your diet, health, and well-being are all packaged into the Healthy Theory Podcast. 


Jay Shetty

On the list of things Jay Shetty and Dr. Weil have in common (it’s a large one!), is of course, an intrinsic passion for mindful practices such as breathwork, exercise, a balanced diet, and even, the regular consumption of matcha. This enlightening conversation touches on nature’s real superfoods; where and how cannabis may be useful, and plenty more. 

There you have it – a week’s worth of powerful podcasts for empowering your own journey to optimal health. Don’t forget to snag a generous supply of matcha to make every listen twice as valuable.