Adding matcha to green juice has a long list of benefits. Find recipes here

The Benefits of Adding Matcha to Green Juice | Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss & More

Thinking of adding matcha to your next green juice? Good thinking! Adding matcha to green juice is one of the easiest ways to take your juicing to the next level  and an easy way to keep new year's resolutions on track.

A quality matcha powder makes it easy to upgrade your existing juicing routine, and can help anyone ensure they achieve that vibrant green color, even if you are new to juicing.

The natural antioxidants in matcha tea, and the dense chlorophyll can help your juicing greens stretch farther, and may also allow your juice to ‘keep’ a bit longer, due to the potent oxygen absorbing properties. 

Furthermore, because of the dense nutritional benefits of matcha, you can rest easy knowing you’re helping your health fire on all cylinders, regardless of if you’re taking a day off from kale, or not.

Start adding matcha to green juice recipes for weight loss, nutrition, antioxidants, and daily energy

In any case, green juice benefits are worth fighting for. Matcha tea powder can turn a regular ole’ green juice into a health machine in just one easy step.

  • Matcha is loved by everyone as a daily helper to meet ideal nutrition, potential weight loss and health benefit goals, and as a tasty companion whether as a traditional tea, or here as part of a juicing schedule.
  • Boost-it: Boost your daily green juice with matcha in order to improve on potential weight loss benefits, disease fighting nutrition, and metabolism optimizing polyphenols – just to name a few!

The benefits of adding matcha to green juice

As one of the best greens for juicing, matcha powder also offers the kick of caffeine and the potent brain-boosting amino-acids. Really, matcha is nature’s original green superpowder.

Best of all, by choosing an authentic source of matcha powder, you can double down on your juicing greens with the assurance of no-added sugar, something the national coffee chain near you cannot say about their matcha offerings – no matter how nicely you ask.

Matcha green tea juice recipe for optimum health

There’s not necessarily a right or wrong way to go about a matcha juice recipe. Below we provide one of our favorite recipes, but first here’s at least a couple key things to remember.

  • Don’t add more leafy greens than you’d normally eat whole; natural compounds in greens such as kale, if consumed too much at once can put undue stress on kidneys and overall digestion
  • Avoid using fruit as the main source of fluid for your green juice, you can always add water as necessary to achieve the serving size, in doing so helping keep sugar intake within a healthy range
  • If you find your greens juice bitter, try lightening the recipe rather than counteracting with added sweetener
    • If you still prefer an added sweetener, try a dash of maple syrup
  • If you feel like your greens juice is missing on savor, try adding another scoop of premium umami matcha tea powder.

Matcha flavor pro-tip + even more reasons to add matcha to your green juice

Remember to keep your matcha tea powder in an airtight container, and preferably in the freezer between uses. 

Of course, starting with a premium grade of matcha and keeping it in tip-top shape will preserve the nutritional benefits; keeping all the bioactive phytonutrients readily available in your daily greens juice.

Ginger green tea matcha recipe:

Ready to make your daily juice a vibrant, bright matcha green that can't help but evoke joy? Get ready for all-day energy, a natural health boost and improved satiation due to matcha’s dense nutrients. 

Ingredients (servings: 1) 

  • 1/8 pineapple (about 4oz juiced)
  • 4 mint leaves 
  • ½  green apple (cored and cut into smaller pieces)
  • 1 bunch of Kale or Spinach (a big handful)
  • 3-5 stalks of celery (or sub: half a medium cucumber)
  • 1” of fresh ginger root (peeled)
  • 1½ tsp sifted drinking grade matcha powder (or upgrade to Ceremonial)
  • 3 oz fresh water (or add more to reach desired serving size) 

Instructions (time: 3min)

Thoroughly wash all produce. Chop greens and fruits to fit into your juicer, food processor, or blender. Peel as needed the pineapple and ginger.

If blending: Hold matcha and blend all. Pour through mesh strainer, and re-add juice to blender. Now, add matcha powder and blend. Enjoy!
If juicing: Hold matcha, and juice all other ingredients. Stir matcha into juice before drinking OR process together with a blender. Enjoy!

The final word on mixing matcha into your next green juice

Really, you can add matcha tea powder to any of your favorite juicing greens. It boosts the flavor, the health benefits, and your daily energy. It’s also calorie free and will do the trick filling in gaps in your daily juicing strategy and health.

Remember, matcha tea powder is nature’s original green superfood powder, with a robust array of nutrients, polyphenols, essential vitamins, and calming amino-acids. Might it be the missing link from your current juicing greens?

Enjoyed as a hot or cold brew tea, in smoothies, as here part of a juice, matcha is the most versatile form of green tea! It will meet your taste buds AND your health more than half way.

 Give matcha a try? We say yes!




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