Easy Cold Brew Matcha Recipe | Just Matcha Powder, Cold Water, & Iced Cubes!

Easy Cold Brew Matcha Recipe | Just Matcha Powder, Cold Water, & Iced Cubes!

 We're taking cold brew and putting our matcha spin to it. This cold brew matcha recipe is a refreshing, energizing, and healthy beverage that you can enjoy at home or on the go. You don't need sweeteners or milk, just some really good ceremonial grade matcha!

Why this easy cold brew matcha recipe is perfect for matcha newbies and matcha lovers alike!

This is a great way to be introduced to matcha as you'll taste the full extent of its flavor profile: umami with a hint of sweetness and earthiness. In fact, a good tell of high quality matcha is when you can enjoy it as is, without any additives. You wouldn't need to mask bitterness by adding too much milk or sugar, and by skipping on these, you'll also get to optimize the health benefits matcha has to offer!

A cold brew matcha is quick and easy to prepare since all you need is matcha, water, and ice. Convenient especially for those who are always on a morning rush!

If you're new to matcha, you don't have to worry about having all the matcha tools just yet. We've made the recipe beginner-friendly as well, so you can find everything that you'll need in your kitchen.

Try this easy and beginner-friendly cold brew matcha recipe at home:

If you don't have a chashaku, you can use a measuring teaspoon to scoop matcha powder (about 2-3 scoops) over a sift resting on a tumbler or mason jar. This is very important to having a clump-free and smooth cold brew matcha.

Add water and shake until combined! You can use an electric frother to speed things up, just make sure your tumbler or jar is deep enough to avoid making a mess. It's also best to use warm or room temperature water to make sure the matcha will dissolve well.

If you're making it to enjoy at home, fill a glass with ice and pour in the matcha. Stir for a bit to cool the matcha, then try!

If you're busy and need it on the go, fill the same tumbler or jar with ice. Cover with a lid and shake to cool. Enjoy it throughout the day.

Cold brew matcha recipe with just matcha powder, ice cubes, and cold filtered water. Try this refreshing, energizing, and easy recipe to kickstart your day. Include this quick and beginner-friendly recipe in your morning routine.


Ingredients you will need for your cold brew matcha:

Step-by-step directions for this cold brew matcha recipe:

  1. Sift the matcha powder in a tumbler or bottle.
  2. Add warm water and shake until combined! 
  3. If enjoying at home, grab a glass, and fill with ice. Sip!
  4. If enjoying on the go, fill the same tumbler with ice. Power through the day!