Matcha Green Tea and Brain Health

Studies Say Drinking Matcha is Excellent for Brain Health and Longevity

Matcha Improves Brain Health & Longevity!

It’s hard to find a food as deserving of the epithet ‘super’ as matcha. What has been known for centuries as a cultural folk remedy is now being backed up by scientific data, placing matcha at the top of lists for natural brain health, longevity, and overall wellness.

Can matcha be preventative against brain disease? 

Matcha works like preventative medicine, helping to keep the body disease free through its powerful properties. This is the main reason it has been linked to longevity. In the case where disease is present, there is evidence that suggests the compounds found in matcha can slow, stop, or in some cases reverse the negative effects of disease.

Does matcha have neuroprotective compounds? 

The beneficial health compounds found in green tea are well documented. Matcha’s unique production method yields the highest quality and nutrient dense tea leaves, and the processing allows for the consumption of the entire leaf. Compared to other teas which are enjoyed as infusions, matcha’s bioavailable nutrients are up to 10 times more potent.

Is matcha full of antioxidants? 

For starters, there is no other natural source that offers the same amount of antioxidants that matcha does. Antioxidants keep brain cells healthy. Brain cells use a lot of oxygen, which makes them particularly susceptible to oxidation by free radicals. The antioxidants in matcha bind to free radicals and safely neutralize them. In addition to protecting against neurodegenerative disease, drinking matcha can also help slow natural brain aging.

One particularly powerful antioxidant in matcha is EGCG. This powerful compound protects against the most threatening diseases including cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Beyond preventative fortification, studies continue to show EGCG’s promising role in treating cancer. Once again, matcha offers the highest bioavailable concentration of EGCG in natural form and potential protection against these common killers.

Matcha and L-Theanine 

Another all-star in matcha’s lineup of powerhouse compounds is L-Theanine. Essentially a spa treatment for the brain, L-Theanine has been shown to improve cognitive function while also stimulating deep relaxation. One of the ways L-Theanine helps keep the brain healthy is by naturally reducing anxiety, which has extreme toxic effects. Additionally, it has been shown to slow down the rate of degenerative diseases affecting the brain and nervous system, as well as proven effective in treating symptoms of existing damage.

Exciting as these breakthroughs in Western medical studies are, the wisdom built into the culture of matcha has long told of these extensive health benefits. In an age where artificial intelligence is positioned to enhance and surpass our own, brain health and longevity are front and center. Those looking for natural ways of boosting the resources of the body and mind will find a willing partner in matcha. Better still, accessing these and other benefits is as easy as a morning ritual.

Drink some matcha and your brain will thank you.

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Team Matcha Kari