Tea is More Popular than Coffee in 30 US States!

Tea is More Popular than Coffee in 30 US States!

A new data report shows that the popularity of tea in the US is booming. While tea has been the most widely consumed beverage worldwide for centuries, its popularity as a caffeinated drink in the US has had a tendency to lag behind coffee. Now, 2024 restaurant data statistics show that drinking tea has surpassed coffee in 30 US states and is continually on the rise. 

Tea is now the most popular beverage!

The cost comparison of coffee and tea 

Of course, the price of a drink has a big effect on its popularity. While most Americans expect to pay more than $2 for any caffeinated beverage they may buy at a coffee shop or restaurant, the data that Toast provides on the average prices of coffee, tea, cold brew and latte’s across the US in Q1 of 2024 gives us new insight into the numbers. 

Cost comparison of tea vs. coffee

The average prices:

  • Regular coffee = $3.08
  • Tea = $3.74
  • Cold Brew = $5.14
  • Latte = $5.46

Alaska and California were the top two most expensive states for all four beverages, with Alaska coming in at 59% higher than the national average and Hawaii at 26% higher than the national average. Nebraska was the lowest, coming in at just $2.12 for a cup of regular coffee - 31% lower than the national average.  

The soaring prices in Hawaii and California were most likely associated with the cost of milk and shipping. The price of milk and shipping goods like espresso beans to Hawaii and California is among the highest in the nation. 

Where do we drink more tea than coffee? 

Where do we drink more tea than coffee?

(error in the graphic - New Mexico should be pink, not blue)

After analyzing 10 different popular coffee and tea types (regular coffee, iced coffee, cold brew, mocha, latte, cappuccino, espresso, Americano, tea, and milk tea), Toast determined the five most popular beverages in every state. 

The Northeast and some of the Midwest prefer regular coffee while the West, South and Southwest prefer tea! 30 of the 50 US states preferred tea over the other coffee drinks and in every state (except for Montana) that had regular coffee as their number one choice, tea came in at number two, beating out latte’s, milk tea and mochas! 

How popular is matcha green tea?

How popular is matcha green tea?

With the popularity of tea on the rise in the US, the matcha market is, too! While matcha is exceedingly popular in countries like China and Japan (it is a 1.2 billion dollar market in China), the market for matcha is growing rapidly across the world. 

“The worldwide matcha market is expected to grow by 10.2% per year for the next 10 years. Its size in 2023 is $2.7 billion. In 2033, it’s expected to be $7.1 billion.” - Blue Cart. 

While matcha contains fewer milligrams of caffeine than coffee, it will keep you feeling awake, alert, and focused for longer than a cup of coffee. Matcha is a great alternative to sugary sports drinks. It also boasts tons of health benefits, including cancer prevention, weight loss, and brain health

Making a matcha latte at home is much healthier than buying one from a chain like Dunkin’ or Starbucks. Also, making a 16oz matcha latte at home using our matcha.com Tenchi Organic Ceremonial Matcha costs an average of $3.50, and you don’t have tax or a tip to add! $3.50 is lower than the US average for a cup of plain tea from a restaurant or cafe! 

Bottom line 

The US is clearly waking up to the benefits of tea over coffee, and the popularity of tea in America is at a new height and still rising! As Americans buy more tea than coffee from their local restaurants and cafes, they’re also drinking more matcha green tea. This is a trend worth jumping on. 

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