To create the perfect matcha tea, you need traditional Japanese utensils and bowls. That's why our tea kits are so popular for everyone from beginners to those experienced in the ceremonial art of matcha tea. Each kit contains everything you need to begin making matcha tea at home.

Our Matcha Tea Set includes a beautifully handcrafted Japanese bowl, whisk, sifter and scoop along with a supply of our superb premium Morning Ritual tea. Our starter kit gives you all the tools you need to begin each day with a bowl of nutritious and energizing matcha tea.

Experience the beauty of matcha alongside your special someone with a Matcha Tea for Two Starter Kit. Your kit for two includes two Japanese bowls, whisk, scoop, sifter and approximately 80 servings of our Morning Ritual ceremonial grade premium tea.

Japanese artisans handcraft each utensil and bowl. Beautifully packaged and shipped with instructions, Matcha Tea Set starter kits make it easy to fully experience healthy and flavorful matcha tea.

Handcrafted tools and bowls mean that no two sets are alike. Each kit brings its unique variations to give you a matcha tea experience to savor. Matcha Tea starter kits are exceptional gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays, too.