Trusted Matcha & Wellness Boosts

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If you enjoy a warm brew in the morning and a cold drink on a hot day, you'll love our collection of usucha, or thin tea, matcha. If you're new to the world of matcha or want a healthier alternative to coffee and soda, our thin teas combine the perfect blend of aromas, flavors, texture and sublime taste.

Our First Harvest Matcha gives you the boost you need in the mornings with a savory blend of sweet and bitter flavor. Experience the aroma, enjoy the taste and get ready for the day. Fill your travel mug with First Harvest Matcha and enjoy the commute without worrying about jitters or a midmorning energy crash.

If the thought of a hot drink on a summer's day leaves you cold, our Summer Reserve Coldbrew Matcha delivers the ultimate cool down in a smooth and mellow blend. Selectively grown and harvested in the Kyoto region of Japan, our Summer Reserve Coldbrew Matcha is the perfect summer refreshment brew by itself or as an addition to your favorite latte or other cold drink.

Hot or cold, immerse yourself in the flavors and boost your health with a single cup of matcha tea.