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Become an Ambassador

Our Ambassadors might be matcha-vets, but they’re new to our superior quality.

Why be an Ambassador? Because, we cannot do it all alone!

If it wasn’t for our Ambassadors’ courage to explore and innovate matcha, all the way from its ancient roots and into modern lifestyles, we’d be totally in the dark!

What do our Ambassadors do?

Other than being an awesome group, we’re all here to show-out and spread matcha to more people(?)! A love for matcha is easy, why not score free swag, monthly matcha, and even some side-money along the way?

Guaranteed Hustle Fuel

Our Ambassadors are outgoing individuals who are active in their communities and motivated to make the world a better place. So, since we rely on you for the HOW behind matcha, we pick-up the tab on your monthly fuel. ON. THE. HOUSE.

Help New People Discover Matcha

Ambassadors submit a short video

Complete qualifying activities once a month (?)

See here for details YOU need to know: Program Guidelines

Program Guidelines

Concept: Feel free to go above and beyond these minimum requirements. Also keep in mind, you can participate in whatever ways work best for you each month. Switch it up month to month if you want! All activities are standardized to Instagram, if you’re participating through an approved, alternate social platform, please contribute in the closest equivalents:

[1] Two feed posts monthly, more is better for everyone! A Feed-post is a permanent and public, image or video (or both) on your primary channel.
[2] Weekly stories which link to, or our Instagram @matchakari.
[3] Host at least one studio-based matcha workshop. These are typically fitness/movement studios, and can include Yoga, MMA, BJJ, Meditation, etc… You must submit digital content which symbolizes or directly captures the event.
[4] Equivalent Activities. This can mean a combination or unique variety of your contribution. Mix and match, or reach out at if you have a special idea of how to qualify.
[5] First-time Ambassadors are expected to submit a short (2-5min) video which demonstrates matcha’s place in their lifestyle. Consider framing matcha in your daily routine, modern settings, pre/post-workouts, or more. Must be submitted on IGTV, and upon our request digital download. Your physical appearance is welcomed.

We may incentivize particular forms of engagement, keep an eye out for our emails if you don’t want to miss out.

How we keep track: Approved Ambassadors will receive email correspondence which will ask you to submit links, descriptions, or other substantiating material of your continued engagement. It is your responsibility to receive and respond to these emails. Don’t sweat it too much, we’ll make it easy to stay engaged.

That said, please stay in touch… otherwise you might lose your place.

Don’t Mix your Matcha: Does it go without saying? We strive to steer our Matcha Fam, and especially our Ambassadors from wandering elsewhere. We do that by sourcing only the world’s best matcha. If you do happen to question your favorite matcha, we kindly ask you do so without our mention. Do not place our matcha or tags alongside other brands, that includes tags, products, comments, etc…

Eligibility & Benefits

  • Minimum 10k social following, monthly blog-visitor count, OR act as an instructor within an established Fitness/wellness Studio consistent with our values (Yoga, MMA, meditation, etc...)
  • MONTHLY MATCHA Free of Charge. Plus, samples and huge discounts for friends and family.
  • Exclusive first-access to new products and the freshest of Japan’s matcha found in the U.S.
  • Comply and maintain compliance with our Program Guidelines and Terms of Service

Not sure if you make the cut? For added flexibility and huge perks, see Matcha challenge

Looking to cash-out on your matcha lifestyle?

Why not? At the end of this application, you’ll be prompted to register as an Affiliate


Free Monthly Matcha

Grow Together

Double up with Affiliate Cash Flow

By clicking “Submit” you’re agreeing to our Terms and Conditions


What’s the difference between Affiliate and Ambassador?

Many of our Ambassadors enjoy the benefits of a unique discount code/referral link for friends and family. You can earn Affiliate commission on the traffic you create privately, and through your participation as an Ambassador. Each program is optional, and you do not have to apply for both to be eligible for either.

If for whatever reason, you aren’t interested in the Affiliate program, rest assured that Ambassadors benefit from a rewards structure that is unique and worthwhile, and you’re welcome to apply at any time if you change your mind.

Looking for the Affiliate page? Click here